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5.29: Buster Posey surgery conference call with Dave Groeschner



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Sun, 29 May 2011|

The Giants


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Lester had that surgery this morning here at this so. It -- our team physicians. Help arm surgery. Doctor and it -- news your views as them. Pectoral area so. Well is and act like going -- All Mora. And the surgery cheated here this -- It is this morning and it up but I -- -- screws. Blockbusters tackles. They weren't technically signed with the surgery and or. Were very pleased -- Ankle came back the other. You know He had that fractured regulars well. And after. I'm thankful. Actually ring fracture. That those sites. It's our. So that out. And then they -- also spoke in his ankle. As well just -- Picture surfaces. But -- like. Our -- can be injured he's. I think injuries. Pretty and -- it in there so. -- overall technically the surgery done very well. That first. Buster back there is. -- And -- you know buster was telling you negated a highly likely said that He was -- a in this what is now is official prognosis surgery. -- He's not going to be back this season. You know I think obviously traumatic injury and have to have surgery. This city guys -- know He will have. Another surgery. Somewhere and eight and -- part in. Take out some hardware that doctors but it. That sorority. Permit so. They'll have another surgery here and -- do it go to -- So now you -- that yet -- Is it they're. There are very bright prognosis for opening day 2012 well. Down I would think so that means what are here. And -- -- myself. You know. I think it's a good story -- It's a long road though from here and in. I just at a very devastating injury and and I just had to have surgery in. So as long rehab process dose of were optimistic. And you know it does -- in this some forward. On Friday busters said He was almost -- constant game you know what his. Came level like right now. It's probably better than a loss Friday -- -- now the surgery. Is is that slot more stable. And oh -- last not a long loneliness as early possible. Still in campaign here for the next few days with the pedal -- -- Think now that his ankles fixed. And I don't physical pain -- -- -- -- full. Are in better form they note he's on the road to recovery and. If you could you explain a little more about the screws and what what all that meant. Well yeah they have into you know it ligaments record so we have support the ankle and get it right anatomical position that that's the purpose of the screws. That He would it. Do strewn across is it good as it yet. And that's all. Thank on the proper position along with a cast that if we're on here. And that's all purpose of this cruises but I'm in the right positions so those. But He has. That's the only hardware you're talking about that will be removed. Correct that -- hardware and is there. It was a leg fracture usenet the most positive. Thing with that is that it displaced fracture. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was at its minimally displaced fracture -- good alignment. Know when it psyche has Saturday -- that mentions. It and think that would be an issue. But I know we discussed although that option buster. The possibility that we might have -- Packers might have played out there. There are some that may shift or Bethel there that -- screw but. Unfortunately it was an accident. You think the next several weeks are gonna look like for him. A lot of rest and running back. And Eric -- the place. -- thank you were. Disrupt what other factors that so just stay out -- it. Will He remain in the Bay Area doing minister of that all. I would imagine easiest -- in the Bay Area that. So these are the what are they. When the city witnessed. Did it -- our own game. The era was there anything positive or negative does that help or hinder him. If you're catching him play. Well -- damage it does hurt that ankle injury so. I think that's his parents. Break right now we're just worked. Making less comfortable in the right treatment for right now and well see where it goes. In the. It was it was it helpful to have healing and the ball just as this -- injuries that maybe -- seen before. And help players or arteries is a big guys. You know that He is mentioned her or if the guys mentioned that interest or some similarity to. And that's that's exactly why we beat Roddick and Andy. It's great experience. You know that is a recovered 49ers and like I mentioned before is that contact dramatic as injury. Is he's that kind of experience with that and I think spectre load on him and for his expertise. And it's you know top rated or Venus. I only hear that our country so. You know. There was a no brainer to bring him and it. We use them. That's consultant and as a great job for us and buster Menem and it was very comparable element of those in other -- -- -- and the decision lines and. It is there anything that you said war it's it's not his push off. -- ankle who went throwing or or getting. In a right hander. It might help but my guess but really at the -- things and it. Our motion and it strength and all that so. Maybe that are out where I don't know. We'll see on the road. But what about. How many weeks out. No as a unit while in Castro crutches in the beginning to -- an -- when. What are initial timetable. Is going to be on crutches for -- -- The next two months. Just if you were a well -- to settle us so we are. Besides that and -- it there's some. Or are only. So so. It's hard to me it just as we -- -- -- right now we're first up on yeah. Is there a feeling that that He couldn't immediately addressed the question earlier but. You know there are you shooting for any -- like opening -- night or spring training or January 1. Mean the thing is we know it factory back as seriously as I went here. Adam. Where we want -- me in -- -- lecture aren't back there and all of baseball activities slumming. Just be in that conservative will now. Yzerman spring training and articles where. Should be ready. Spring training and I turned in Apatow a Longoria -- as the well they came in in the dark feeling -- mention that. There may be another scope what is it about it -- -- a lot of scar tissue or. You know it might be more -- and two or three years and the -- -- Sort of little thing is that just keep them. But I. And I think you stated this -- which has just to be here you expect this. Recently successful recovery from the in this not a career threatened in any way is that. Accurately but. And we expect from the comeback. And it does seem like strengthening -- you seem. You'll recover fully. I think early -- is that I mean. You know. Young guy. I'm strong. I'm -- -- good change Irish spirit anywhere so all that -- -- aside. This -- terrible little bit it's probably too early itself in there. Sad reality is an area or is there. It may there be comparable. -- is not -- may be Monta Ellis served. Jason Kendall Kendall I think at this location. Any other athletes and open similar this. And I don't know Mark Taylor. I don't know specific. Similar positions and I don't know. You know. It's probably similar. It did you say how long the procedure what. That was about an hour. So.

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