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Ray & Glen: 'The top of the first was the key'



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Sun, 24 Jun 2012|

Bob Melvin talks about the defensive struggle of Brandon Moss and coming up short in the 9th.


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Probably thought there's that reasoning was simple and. I don't we're gonna win. I mean sneeze at that. It was a graded out there and I really at that point we -- -- game but you know. Redick run down the line and hit you know all of those things that. You know when you're down you here have to keep keep grinding and we did. -- -- -- -- -- on what transpired before particularly on the defensive side losses. One yeah I -- had a tough day over there in. You know we typically don't make four errors in -- game that. You know we continued to battle and and you gotta give him a little bit of a a pass I mean. He's working pretty hard at this this is new to them he's been good to this point you just had a tough game. So. What can you tell us about friends for instance if we. He will not pitch tomorrow. You book once I moved here later. Particularly on the -- kind of put the team on his back had. Home run at the RBI single he really has kind of turned it around after going -- for nineteen with those two home runs and consecutive at bats. Yeah he's been consistent for -- here you know to win a game like at a target it's gonna take more than one guy which we have some contributions mean -- It it is -- stays in the work we title game. So we got a little unlucky here that. Yeah no reds back on that good at bats. You know fight hard as he has all year you're gonna go through -- -- struggled some -- he's candidates hit their course for reasons. Well how frustrating is that both these games started out well for you guys. And you know looked to be going in the right direction before things turned I don't think that really matters you keep playing nine innings and they go back and forth and these were hard fought games and and certainly you'd like to carry the momentum of of being ahead that we can do. The other team comes back you to come back on them. But at the same shoulder issues for McCarthy. What do you think about how Jason Kubel. You know I've been impressed with the fact that he's using his secondary pitches better but velocity early at least earlier in the game was really good. You know he's he's -- he's close. He's really close and you know -- the last two performances were better than what we've seen knees again he's doing the things that we're asking them to do. And you know I think he's getting better. Under Bruce with his first hit in the Spurs really are and what he's typical day he had. Now it's you know it's a grind for catcher when. You know really the offense is kind of secondary go out there and you put together that it's special to get your first hit then your second hit. But you know in those games boys to grind for catcher can you try to do the best can minimize -- damage and keep the runs off the board which geez. You know he was trying hard to do so. You know it's a special day obviously for him with its first big region then another hit and an RBI believe. So you get that stuff out of the way of it. I think. Equally impressive was how it was grind line play. Hit his first hit with you as well it -- going to your mind when he had that ball. Well I was hoping got away from my nose I knew what I'm going out of all work together up in is that I was hoping it stayed in the power. And didn't bounce over who we you know detector run tied the game.

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    team comes back you to come back on them. But at the same shoulder issues for McCarthy. What do you think about how Jason Kubel . You know I've been impressed with the fact that he's using his secondary pitches better but velocity early at

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  6. No I don't today I was did you notice on specimens color. His is really good day Kubel Q do you know had depleted depth. Yeah I mean how do you believe your first home run here. Some medicine for obvious better than

  7. Then went over city. What this too many guys since it is possible to display their throws that changeup. In the thickest Kubel swinging at an instance writes I was only looking at something to make contact it. I can go far enough that it went. at the

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  12. his very you know high in have to be waiting for a long enough words to come down catches that. There's guys have different Kubel went through in my hand. My blood cell phone with a walker today Obama win a couple of good for the ride in from half off on

  13. one play that he made where he threw the ball and it was hi frank. Column. situation where. You wanted to take himself on Kubel and you're not around but he just has to do a better job and the placed the ball sometime dude you have to eat some kind of

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    it going up again and unless someone makes remember this week he. Waving go to another little thing good about bill was then Kubel hits a group what either him. I think it didn't look big impact in the game because everyone is talking about all this

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    inning started with Cabrera but you struck you about but still watch your game going against my our. It then morneau and then Kubel could left handed hitters. Yeah I know they all they don't know a lot of Koppen and you know coming into the ninth inning