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Bumgarner takes on Giants nemesis in San Diego



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Thu, 11 Jul 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

All the -- take a look at. -- who's going to be on the mound in San Diego for a game one of the four games that they're Madison bond garnered nine and five on the year 305 year -- you have the stopper ridge that while. -- it definitely is this guy's been pretty much untouchable as last night. Probably has the best numbers and all baseball players six starts in -- national weather but another struggling team just like the Giants. Padres so look for him to come out -- pound the strike zone early tomorrow and I'm getting tentative Padres hitters who are struggling it's. Think it's a lot of pressure right now on medicine -- -- here on a team that's ten games below 500 but you're the guy you're the hope you're still young kids to hear the hope of stopping this losing streak. I don't know if there's ever anything that's come up and Massimo -- life where he looks like he's pretty sure we're all nervous he may be out there -- -- -- how many cows like in about the farm on an off season some but. He's a right got to be going he's been their best pitcher all season long. And hopefully get them off dislike as they just they just need to start playing some better days. Jason Marquis pitcher who really doesn't mean he's scary when -- read is named -- numbers and it's carried this you're nine for this year and ERA under four against the Giants on April 28 is pretty get their 26 and two thirds innings he's -- strike thrower who. He knows how to pitch to. Yeah early in his career when he took the came up with the Braves two more of the power arm with a power sinker power slider now the velocity is. Knows how to pitch and pitchers of the corners he uses all his pitches. And he's been the most consistent guy all year I mean you can you could make a case for him being the Padres represented -- he'll show -- what those numbers that he has. He's not but you know he and he gives Giants fifth send -- bitch it's be good pitching matchup by tomorrow.

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