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10.28: World Series Press Conferences -- Aubrey Huff



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Tue, 4 Jan 2011|

Smith talks with reporters as he packs up.


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Now and nothing's really changed the amount of this -- Jason Michaels and. You know guard excellent physical did. Equipment actually useful with a -- isn't. -- -- Your question I had no idea. Still mean I think. A lot of answer to that -- I don't know enough about that -- -- -- there's an area that competitive that you. Hear. Pat absolutely not a lot of -- about it than any in anyway. I found it hard to decide don't you know head coach I don't mean an -- buildings -- You know it Protestant kind of iron out into the season. Yeah. I've definitely a part of it and so they sent an element but I nobody a lot of lot of different things come into play and make a decision like this yeah. Hillary think you can be successful the best chance to succeed. Yeah. -- a lot of different things are you working with all the other things. -- Clinton. -- -- -- -- Maybe it's that it's. Him. I think attractive thing is finally giving us saying you wanna go already where you're going to be. You know. I mean I haven't had a chance up until now and you know -- that that our season is a positive and yeah. I you don't had. I don't actually. You know thinking back to Ireland appears to go. You know when it renegotiated it. And where I am now on not a good about it and it -- -- here's the complete with a place. And and don't know what that would have been like. Describe -- The question. You know ups and downs but I think that everywhere almost accidentally. And -- you know and I got a lot of great people at the moment a lot of friendships or relationships. I want as well. OK with that there's a lot of. It two and -- yeah. And the but it is working or playing for an offensive minded head coach. Something -- -- that you want to do that ability of them. Around that that that's a thought I guess the mound I mean -- -- Oakland. I think more so it is going into like I said. -- and making a decision on the situation the people you're working with all of those things will play into that. That's something you think about it -- And black community. Do you currently looking ahead at who your competition might be on the you know he'll. Mark I have not at all you know I'll let it play out and -- this -- That. Yeah. I. Hadn't. Probably less. -- Yeah at this point. No question I'm not good enough for that there yeah it laughable little bit that it can play like that yeah and then -- -- and -- So yeah that's. -- hasn't announced that. You know and I -- you know. And that's not. There's not ideal not only looking forward to play under. You know he. -- It is mine so you. -- -- -- That. You. Look. At absolutely and I guess that's current state but that. You know that was started and -- tears and renegotiate -- examine. The -- place better than you know this is it. And escorted it to prevent us understanding of football. The best I felt physically so a lot like things aren't that's no question I felt like I've continued to grow and still pretty young and in perspective as an assistant. A lot but in the just mean frame of mind understanding of the game physically might might be fundamentals. All of that stuff encompassed in the life. And well yesterday -- -- and play and let you know media and had a treatment. No I think we're just a little more aggressive -- And we're going to -- points and ultimately tentativeness that's gonna dictate to them I think a little -- that mentality. Across the board that we ended it with a deep and tempo. You know how we were gonna attack -- and we weren't -- -- one. Cut. I you know you. It's been a long season. At this point you know I think mentally kind of had to detox. You can approach it that makes sense you know Gillick a little bit until my family you know you invest so much I give up some timely from a family and friends in the season so. At this point. Get back with them and enjoy my time a little bit. Those are trying to get back into -- pretty quick.

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    Now and nothing's really changed the amount of this Jason Michaels and. You know guard excellent physical did. Equipment actually useful with a isn't. Your question I had no idea. Still mean

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  2. This is one of those games where you've got two teams. Poll was Super Bowl aspirations. And the way it started out neither of them is particularly happy right now but the 49ers were a little happier. the Texans recently supported gunners won their last game and the Texans blew their last games of

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  5. he'll take it. And doctors are doing extremely positive about the success of the surgery so we trust the doctors and the Michaels will to. To compete return and I think that I have a good good good result of great things happen. For us and Michael what

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  8. Need to talk about the team photograph today if you wanna talk photography. Couple Michaels who cares disguise in 73. His and the 49ers team photographer joins us here on chronicle live since 73 so how did you get started

  9. team that happens and like I I He's coming along nicely and all phases. Just very. Very happy with the progression when Michaels made him and his development since she's gotten got here and he's doing a great job again this football player maybe he

  10. answer a whole lot what it. That player that room steps up and hit that three that Primeau would come right back optimism Michaels that Chad who's happy happy about his 665. Currently it would be offering much in the second half Alex will pass to Kevin

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  12. that we have you know kennels a heck of a football player. Who gets better every day a can it was a little bit Michael but Michaels got a lot better. And really in the past three days. The Kendall has. Really really it's not there he's really matured

  13. I mean it's great you know it's great to have those guys do to contribute and those guys are pumped about it. You know Michaels to build finalist to keep the score in our favor so that it worked out. Record for these things through that Is that. And

  14. when you get hired because you're not sure will and I wouldn't with the went to a yankees game that night because Lorne Michaels has seats like 44 rows behind home plate. And so well and I get hired. There were like oh hey I mean yeah I guess and and

  15. pretty good San Diego and San Diego easy. You know as does the same guys and others they've been relatively healthy Shawn Michaels play was the last time. He's he's definitely different picture. They've they're doing what a couple things different

  16. every bit. he's done a good job Michael and I actually Taiwan answering. And we'll see where he is as we move forward we Michaels and a great job I don't. Look at the number of carries you know I get it you'll again be on the sideline you get grooved

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    know I I think you look at and our guys. And I think all have a role on Sunday you know all those guys will end hopefully Michaels a big part of that. Yeah sure they could they can definitely. You know we split out and and you know we do that already so

  19. Raiders to. bone to pick would you do it sets up that was incorrect they did on the radio today how about Al Michaels . Al Michaels said in all TNT thing He said would you call guy genius who had seven straight seasons of eleven losses. In a

  20. and guided them. This stuff happens all over the league we've got to deal with that everybody has to deal with and so. Michaels is gonna take. You know they've managed just just like we and I am just because mentally. Just did mentally prepared as