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7.16: Stephen Curry on Chronicle Live



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Fri, 16 Jul 2010|

Steph Curry checks in from the Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe.


Machine Generated Transcript

He is the linchpin that Warriors management and observers agree is the player that the Warriors should be built around four. Seasons to become staff -- proved over his rookie season that he is a player that can carry a team and now we'll see. Where that future relies and he joins us now from south Lake Tahoe -- -- topic Cubs are chronicle conversation and staff thing enjoying the nice weather out there with golf and we'll get to the American century championships in just a minute the first right out of the -- we have to ask him what we're here. Emotions what were your thoughts when you heard about the sale of the Warriors Crisco and giving up the team for 406 million dollars. You know set new records for the price of franchise. No that means it moved from new owners are definitely very Saturn -- in this position. Am glad they had this afternoon on the summer's over now we can have a distance and direction and and this is the focus is an aggressive offseason -- -- having. No sale went down -- and now looking forward soon -- remain in the coming weeks. Do you know anything about the new owners Joe Lane Kiffin -- Peter Guber. Mandalay entertainment executive and Joe lake -- they Menlo Park investments. Professional a couple of guys that I imagine did their due diligence looking into the Warriors and I'm curious if perhaps. Anybody from either side the cellar or the buyer contacted any of the players yourself. Took to talk about what was going down. Haven't had any kind of say listen. They have done little research and a background in what they're Bowden. And knowing you know what kind of we'll kind of thing I thought process and are very into our lawyers in the NBA teams so. You know I -- and I think it hopefully I get to meet him and you sit down -- -- Oh I go back out to Oakland but in the meantime just and I did the situations. It is and and moved. He's a comforting to know that Joe -- have has been involved in the NBA as a minority owner of the Celtics. Definitely I mean over cherish it seems. About. First hand so hopefully you bring that kind of mentality. And drives is in the Bay Area fans especially. Even back in -- so for so long and that you sound vs kind of turned into the franchise around and hopefully get news from the chair about. Make it to play marina chambers of -- -- Then let's -- we have a position you have so oh I've seen. Hear your comments indicate that the players are relieved to have this. Uncertainty. No longer hanging over there. There heads but at the same time you have to wonder don't you what is going to be the management structure is the structure is Don Nelson going to be back as head coach is that a worry is for you as -- -- What are your thoughts. It is in other words is because Murray didn't really closer closes till the end of season and you know for -- players. You wanna have some sort of consistency and some you know sort of expectation doesn't know what to expect -- come training camp so. You know your starter with the with the sailor team. And and the thing goes from this isn't that they're gonna make. -- kind of set of move the franchise the way they want it. You know with coach Nelson. And definitely great coach -- -- the. Great career I love playing form last year and there's one more year and just feel so. Yes this -- very crucial decision. And he's made. You know I guess this thing is. Definitely just about consistency you know what to expect nothing you know -- you're thinking you can -- isn't right check. Already this offseason there's been some big moves and of course the addition of David Lee coming over the all star power forward from. From the New York Knicks and at the same time though I'm curious about your reaction to the subtraction of both. Tony -- half and not Anthony ran up as well as Colin -- a bookie what what's the balance there -- how to feel about. Getting lead and then losing those other players that I imagine we're kind of important junior rookie year. No -- things aren't the only -- -- would -- getting you know. Vinatieri -- Milwaukee Bucks thing you know those guys are. Great beds. Really helped me do my rookie year. Kind of -- with them on this my first real experience of having teammates kind of command out here in the off season so. We have kind of double emotions have -- this sadness in the end. The finish you know I see those guys leave here period team. I just as he knows so well Luna and you have you great player and also learn. I'm great power for losing and definitely had a lot a challenge us in leadership to our team's I think assistant illustration here. Kind of eliminate the emotions are because they're -- our team better but. You know we just have to have this kind of take in. The list I well this offseason certainly includes a little bit of off time for AF. How about the American century championships in south Lake Tahoe I know this is your first celebrity golf event at this magnitude have you ever played. In a competitive. Golf environment as we knew we understand -- pretty good player hey you got nine points in the stable for system in your opening round. Idea -- played a couple of programs. It's definitely different venues being kind of like -- PGA service though the gallery. Think this is where the greatest -- -- they just about high school so. Having a lot of fun and I -- he does have taken a week you know for us to make history USA that's what -- -- You have a lot of fun and hope that we will better that day -- day. I step by hi I'm curious how a young guy gets an invite -- you know an opportunity to play in this event because I know there's a lot of former athletes and and Hollywood types that would love to be in your shoes this weekend how did you get -- night. Having a great -- here I guess helped my have a resume a little bit hominem know my my -- background in. Know -- NBA live and being on the West Coast so close in the Bay Area I think you draw a lot of you know Warriors fans -- defense that's -- Minnesota. Hi I'm very fortunate. Get him Riley says. Oh please do first of many. Hey what's it like for you to go out there and compete in this. Kind of the situation as well as enjoy some of the your of the great stars. From the NBA and other. Walks of that you know sports world and an entertainment what's it like for you be out there. Imagine your having some fun but at the same time you wanna compete and show yourself while. The different kind of feel like it's. Am actually you know other. The legends city now and I'm the youngest guy in the field I think. Agassi all these -- and in my majority guys. Lasers from all the scores other major sports and so I'm run around my my phone cameras China. I'd take faces on the discipline religion sitting here I definitely have a phone this so you know I'd rather play well this guy in my first you know. Actual call -- -- -- Experience. There's a -- first day. It's or someone out there this weekend that you really want to try to get an opportunity to meet have a conversation with. Whether that's Michael Jordan nor are Charles Barkley or somebody like that. Mementos together Jason Varitek goes up -- this actually moved from this same injury. Him big. Fresh prince Miller fan and how father -- here's. And I'm definitely instead you sit down limits -- on. Ask you kind of kid he is. Different priorities I think you know on the person maybe you do it the Karl -- this season you know force that's the sort of my when my goals for the weekend. All right well we appreciate you spending some time with us enjoy the weekend in south lake top step and good luck out swinging the -- said he has Americans century. Championships this weekend we appreciate you taking some time on chronicle live. The pavement.

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  6. their best all around player. But American League catcher can be a crowded position. Joe Mauer is clearly the stand out. Varitek is having a bounce back your for the Red Sox court papers not a big name as well. But if you look at what Suzuki is done for