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Tue, 22 Oct 2013|

Did the Giants overpay for Tim Lincecum?


Machine Generated Transcript

And the polls present and welcoming a hospital roles on one the Giants don't like to any reaction is when I met that's why bring in our Giants insider Andrew back really. And also mark tried -- mr. baseball from 95 a seven game here in the mornings with what he Gleason did handedly and the rise guys six to 10 in the morning and and -- With you your reaction was -- expected to happen this quickly before Lincecum became a free agent. Not this quickly just as of a few days ago it looked like Lincecum would become a free agent in fact that was the information that I had but. Talks do change in in the dollars change in a two year structure that looked like it was gonna work for both parties. It was just a matter what was the -- dollar value. And for what I was told the dates and Winston told Giants officials told Larry Baer. I wanna be a giant if we can make this happen told and then the final day of the regular season so there was always a confidence from the Giants that this was gonna get done. You knew that qualifying offer was out there and woods suppresses free agent to value. And other would be some teams or interest in Lincecum but clearly he was worth more to the Giants and almost any other team obviously the fact he signed today. Tells you that she was pretty confident he wasn't gonna get a better deal. That's that's an interesting point he said he wanted to remain a giant and earlier this -- right here Comcast sports net. We were talking amongst ourselves could well report was he wanted a two year deal here rejected the deal like you said. If it wasn't gonna take the one you're fourteen qualifying offer. Couldn't you build a case that he didn't want to be a giant here he says he does wanna be a giant what does that mean this. How does that resonate but the thing is to me that's a big thing to hear Tim Lincecum verbal. Yeah it's consistent with a lot of the stuff he's done over the years -- for one thing. He's the least afraid of any pitcher I can think -- to take two year deal after two year deal is not a big deal to him. I think he's a guy who's always been intent on keeping. On his own situation management. And the Giants are ready and willing to do two years because they're risk obviously -- Minimize tremendously by doing it short term deal if he does on the open open market couple things can happen one is. As as Bobby Evans theorized maybe his value slept the other is and I think just like close to the truth is value the demands. Now let me open are absolutely yet or he finds himself for the only you know let's say it's the Mariners and it's a very good offer. Now -- have the option of taking a lot of -- going to a terrible team. Or you can take it very handsome package into the Giants overpay clearly. Probably what ten million dollars it's it's a very reasonable overpay given how much me they can expect to make off. When everybody loves about Lincecum the amount of memorabilia he sells and everything else -- -- win games it they want a lot of people to not given that kind of money do you concur that he wouldn't have made this money in the open market. Well I don't think he would have made this money on the open market especially with that the two years he's had back to back the fact that velocity is down his arm speed is not what it used to be. And -- you look at the strikeouts per inning -- through a 195 innings those are some of the things that led the baseball operations people to think that. Having let's -- part of this rotation going forward is gonna be a good thing gonna be an asset. And -- he's probably not worth seventeen million this year eighteen of seventeen million in 201418. Million in 2015. Five the Giants feel like they need innings and he's a guy you can give them quality innings he has the opportunity maybe to bounce back and they are known for overpaying their stars they did it -- Barry Bonds he means a lot to the Giants. Are excellent. Brothers down they get Hunter Pence assignment ninety million dollars. That's for five years ago two years and we were reportedly 35 million dollars -- more pride or. But the Giants tapped out now how to -- they gonna get better all we've done is security and that was what -- five -- 500 the end but a couple things out that one they're they're not tapped out I don't think I ever really tapped out that's fine but -- songs -- get picked up and make sense may pitching. The other is. Nobody competes in a vacuum and right now the Giants are competing with the Dodgers franchise that is junk -- money and spending like conquered -- that I mean there's no way. To overstate that 'cause they're gonna have to pay to keep even their pieces in place that's likely -- Alex if this is really what they needed to you first -- Penske Lincecum Javier Lopez is also on the docket. So they start building from here because it -- -- -- said they can't have the same window that all windows closed they got to create a new window well that means in these new players if the Giants had a starting pitching prospect or two coming through the system more quickly. What Tim Lincecum -- 35 million dollars richer today. I think that it would they would've probably allowed this technical little farther seed they could get more of a bargain deal but they need. Two starting pitchers Lincecum was one thing you one more could be a Bronson Arroyo. Could -- Dan Haren. But no I think that's a good point the fact that the minor league system. You should have your -- -- of the world coming up in about 2015 and that's when Owens comes deal was going to be completed so it's a good timing thing for the Giants.

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