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7.5: NYY/OAK Postgame- Bob Geren


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Sat, 13 Aug 2011|

Kruk and Kuip offer that it was very important for the Giants to get early runs to calm Lincecum down.


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Jeff Keppinger one of the stars not only offensively but defensively. In a much needed win it when you look at. Winning the game with your ace on the mound it's it's not a must. We've said before if you don't win it's almost like losing. Game after game and really is a bit 67 was like ten efforts have less than 37 room have followed a losing streak and it just seems this time a year would you watch it. The result of them backs get hot this team is that the score a lot of runs as a pitcher you got to go up -- billion -- to get. A lot of runs scored you have to be almost perfect and that's kind of -- it well it's tough to pitch like that. That the fact they -- there it runs from the scout other road they had everything to do with it -- you get to the strike -- He did not pitch out of want to put all the guys He was of that stretch. For the beginning at. And it'd just came up big what they absolutely needed to have a win. And He had to pitch well Vasquez Javier Vazquez struck out ten -- game going well let's go back -- studio.

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    beginning at. And it'd just came up big what they absolutely needed to have a win. And He had to pitch well Vasquez Javier Vazquez struck out ten game going well let's go back studio.

  1. right guy out there and match you know to. totally agree though the way bed husband had there. Could you talk about the bird Vazquez hell a home run there than galleries in the Playing well Crawford. You know those guys are doing your job. And we facing

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  5. bat. Action Golden State by a dozen that you come Hornets Vazquez it he had eighteen points eleven dimes. To seven point have ..... terrific fifteen points sixteen rebounds final two and a half. Vazquez only walked in the NBA can't go over travel I never heard

  6. That we would make you know the stress right now we have to do if he focus. Maintained that they. So I see a lot of little Vazquez . But it's. It's been much. It is pretty much the same matchup. American. Double play. It. We're pretty balanced

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  9. fielders moved up to the outside wasn't. Wasn't great and so when you look at the guys that we had available club that he was Vazquez . At the time it's you'll play outside and maybe later on her move inside right now. That's just when I'm on the field

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    up we'll come back so who just going back and I'm just you know keep Treat different pitcher. Who knows just will be simple for you know they Vazquez the president looks just looking forward to you know at the end of this thing came.

  11. the comedy bit in the show was later on him so I bet this a joke I mean inning talking about as you've pointed out against Vazquez after but again. The talk in just minor leaguers Sybase you given all the big leaguers who share a free pass go shoot do whatever