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Reddick: Three-homer game a 'confidence boost' for me



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Fri, 9 Aug 2013|

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I had an easy choice for the hero tonight no question Josh -- is downstairs just congratulations on up a three homer game doesn't get done very much and should be proud of yourself -- How much are you thinking about it in your last at bat may be having a four homer game. 400%. They got the -- dugout in the front of the area dugout looking at -- whole crowd watching and you know got pretty quiet now last at bat anywhere -- ground out the whole crowd kind of let -- out so. Here's pretty good feel and feel that but I mean you know what you get is 31 you you can't do anything else but drive. You know few handful of players have done then their careers and even in the history of baseball so. You -- tries this is. Are everywhere and nobody knows the history better than you but you brought into a lot of bad like even go to Cincinnati Jay Bruce robbed of extra bases. What does tonight do for you to get three home runs and especially the one of the opposite field something and you've been working on but to get three big home runs nobody rod did everything tonight. The big that -- had. Yeah if you hit it over the fences. -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll -- a look at Jeff I guess just playing the best of luck go my way but I think it's -- confidence boost for myself. Obviously homer with a lot. Very surprising to me I haven't done that is my first career homer. Haven't we got those guys haven't let supply all the power in. Got a pretty good swing on and luckily the ballpark I've really well here and I think now. Now we don't baseball players -- -- superstitious group looked like he had a new hairdo tonight. I just like -- collegiate looking guy we -- PS seven straight home over. The kind of something you don't see every day just you know -- switch things up the whole team's been to a Neitzel had fewer. Things have worked out foresee just try to switch things up and we're Devin -- to come over tomorrow night that's for sure. Writes it is so that's the -- we're gonna go that's the seventh straight told -- look -- -- as like I like -- so we talked about getting this offense going. Saw some signs on Wednesday in Cincinnati how important is this weekend. -- -- hitters park you're going up against a staff that quite frankly struggled to shoot so you feel like this is a good chance to get this off it's going. I felt like -- me coming into you know country real play a whole lot of ballpark with a ball flies that. We can't get too low homer after we just got to go out there and you know get things started like we did the first inning it yet except for the three run homer and says the right behind him. -- saw stars from the top a lot of a couple of -- the justice with it was as I've been here two. Get this looked so go for us in the lineup and that's what it takes you know one through nine and you know my and I was great agility -- other guys knocks which had four hits for five minutes is up -- that was on basics -- in town tonight I don't know but. You know is this stars atop the lineup and and that's all that matters. -- rarely Wednesday when Bartolo Cologne did not pitch well you guys scored five runs in those fire run tonight Jarrett Parker got six gave up three it looked like he's gonna struggle. From -- -- stamp what you're scored runs are important -- what the pitching staff has done and what they need to do what's your office starts going. Yeah I don't think it's he is a good sign for Parker go out there -- you know for a -- -- -- on the mound and you know get a little bit of breathing room to. Go out there pound the strike zone in a tough lineup to deal with and a 3402 at bats and and that when they've been swinging the bat well from all year. But arm and he gives you over cushion to go attack these guys and that's one thing that. You know we look forward to doing and score a lot of runs for our for our guys and who makes -- -- got the foreign lead again. The best this line up like this a terrific performance tonight Josh thanks for stopping by and go work in the seventh critical moment there's got to.

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  19. Room Ellsworth there. Those who gave up. Great credit to. The guys up front to Greg Roman two a large. The tax break again Bruce Miller outstanding night. Berg blocked extremely well. There's a period. Notices there was was very good offensively tonight

  20. great addition for Took a little bit of Bruce Miller. He's his last game. It was ..... along and receiver. You know for you. Bruce 's. Like our Swiss army knife he does ..... that same description virtually walker is Bruce sort of in the end Delanie Walker role