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Not a lot of bright spots in Giants' loss to Reds



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Tue, 16 Oct 2012|

The Lunch Box asks Kent Bazemore about his experiences so far with the Warriors.


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Scant days Malia and media day you what's in the -- box. Motivated. Five you live there a group in North Carolina you know smaller town here a million bucks when fifty in my town. That if you play don't want people you know you go small small moment those who moved to the top of this he knows where to put a little bit right now glancing blow. Right now for the worse so it's just been it's been. A hard time in -- China. Give it just in his game -- you know -- coming. Am focused that's it you know defensive -- there in. Matsui season united -- and I had a very good team do you see this little smile my. -- -- Marmol was just a lot of defenders and a lot of other teams best player. Some might say see it and -- honestly -- left and I had the ball -- in my -- -- -- I had developed an offensive game -- I think. Cubs related to this this game they NBA. So what -- -- -- that might keep this mentality -- line in this lending. You know is there every every south -- want to you know. And then -- the best look and the NBA. Nice to hear them -- still a lot of people you know live up living in so early in my career you know this a lot of the greats like LeBron -- Kobe Durant. To see them if Chris is that a lesson -- CD's of the -- but not done as Wear uniforms. -- so it's so you know no love lost to them but you know. Bullpen and inundate ourselves and stay away. -- for his guy Jimenez that that -- -- wasn't enough tonight to kind of gotten ahead of we. I know. Doing a damn is great weather regardless and -- -- you know it's not really close cool you know you can agree that is very cool itself. The weather is great people who have great. We'll see finite that the war is it's -- at the united and in this place open what we will know. It's much different that we -- it's from -- he's big. That is them up guy is now. Who have of the coming -- of course. It's easy. Asap -- the that Jeff Francis on that here. Right -- at these -- and it's -- now led the vibe to it you know I haven't really done any big music them up by you. Who loves. No -- there it draws knives. Like those who mellow out guys -- Keep cutting. Us that we think fiasco. Is that. Nice lose rhythm. I Italian food -- low cost us -- put some food anytime. You know down -- -- rainy day. Billions of posse knows that's its new car and so it actually helped me on court. Ways they go face the bill -- guy that -- -- you know but he can't and that's up anybody who was so definite tonight. Imus much this game is monorail and see on the court.

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    it's from he's big. That is them up guy is now. Who have of the coming of course. It's easy. Asap the that Jeff Francis on that here. Right at these and it's now led the vibe to it you know I haven't really done any big music them

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  5. And then. Campaigning you know circuit and Francis who. 222. Weeks then it was then since. him playing the big today it is inactive most the most in the truest statement it

  6. now legend you know throwing a bunch of different statistics and a category and in making a decision that one so. You know Francis that we have a three about one formation and 2000 tied. Percent of moreover it's happened number one you might make a call

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  17. early in this game. It was two out not the first inning was. Francis was one out away from cut minimizing what could have been a ..... a Steven guy does that that was a and that that really hurt Francis . But also what he does with the glove mean. Would you put

  18. The reasons is kicking introduced before they played in the deep isn't eight final quarter and with blocked it manages to get that we got and it's second points. Eight races but it's in the personally entered Warren Johnson has been decent at Peter and in 55 theme oriented. That quarter more into

  19. Yeah. Both final with the heat and hit it and eat green that I'll and that person Jennifer you should pat themselves in any heat that. That I want. Let it happen happening in that Eaton we scored. He's the screen at the line and are working hard and I think the heat on with the doctor and hot. That

  20. Christian lawyers talking things over before meeting the Saint Francis answers this week. Percent of answers come out firing Avery ..... outside he slams it after the kill ranches and for a 126 Saint Francis will go and it's that mean again as he hit it off the block