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Francoeur on Bacon Tuesday: "It's a fun group. It really is neat."

Tue, 20 Aug 2013|

With Angel Pagan close to returning and rosters set to expand, Jeff Francoeur simply did not fit into the Giants' plans.

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  1. Evans on Francoeur : 'He's got a track record'

    do anyway that's lyrics we could use all the help ever ever looking did not quite the moves today Jeff Francoeur signing why bring Jeff Francoeur for the it's into the Giants organization. Well he's got a track record did you know with a veteran

  2. Francoeur : 'A lot of the guys played a great game tonight'

    Sorry Greg imagine did have the big hit tonight the go ahead and hit RBI single. Come and take that back your mentality approach in a pinch hit situations. It's funny when I first came over here you know I had some good at I got to start and then struggled at. Still I think there are some things

  3. Francoeur explains origins of 'Bacon Tuesday'

    I wish I didn't even if my job I just Franklin and it's. Think you are logging on CSN Bay Area dot com put on our very much says that according it their. The or not the way that wasn't an off night for you you mill about all it went over the wall. And your odds of shrub twice really because he

  4. Surgery for 49ers' Willis; MLB suspends 12; Giants pull away late

    no giants' supports say is we'll suspend. The Giants won the first game of their seven game homestand fortitude Jeff Francoeur came up with the clutch hit in the driving in the second run they end up scoring three in the NF Marco Scutaro Oprah

  1. Would be Agassi camp for outfit and francoeur first item on the false present about ..... with happy that we won these. How about francoeur I was shocked by the out that I would ..... personnel. The last two weeks out of francoeur playing the best football I've ever

  2. get in the area and snap the ball so. He would play it. Obviously if he opens up with Frank Gore as a spring game and I francoeur yourself. As a blocking from just standing Vernon Davis and cap for his well what is going on with this offense is running

  3. We. That. Yeah. We knew that it went. Any easy to have. Francoeur is it's. We really anything excessive doses. He's okay that here we'll. Not much. These are. You know a lot and it

  4. us I think this whole team was helped by frank tonight what can you just say about his performance 953. Newton didn't. Francoeur he was Austin he's he was you did a beautiful job tonight. Applaud him in his efforts he definitely have this team win

  5. Whoever is back working. I would you were working there. Then all of us here. Well at home and they came in here there francoeur . Let the pitch count the only capable X number of times as a runner in game now. It could be voted yes.

  6. early part of the season to identify and you know improve where we can isn't more an issue of your offensive line we're francoeur . Again. And can dive into the you know details of its 530. Yeah I think aware do I'm. You know that's. I think I

  7. really mean something I don't think they regard to exhibition football. As that telling thing I mean last night last night. Francoeur played four downs you would think he'd need some timing they don't regard that as an issue but how. Much can you really

  8. six situation or. We could guys here and there. In my t.'s case we decide to go with thirteen pitches and the mall with francoeur being designated for assignment which isn't such a rust. a patch sixteen games in sixteen days. It somewhat the teams

  9. Giants designate Francoeur , look forward to Pagan's return


    Tue, 20 Aug 2013

    With Angel Pagan close to returning and rosters set to expand, Jeff Francoeur simply did not fit into the Giants' plans.

  10. Giants DFA Francoeur , send Gaudin to DL


    Tue, 20 Aug 2013

    The Giants made a flurry of roster moves Tuesday, putting Chad Gaudin on the DL and designating Jeff Francoeur to add two pitchers.

  11. worked out as you mentioned Torres has been struggling. Jeff Francoeur is in there he hit a couple of quick outs and in his ..... the time. if you're wondering that was friendship Jeff Francoeur with a little. Had a lot of banter back and it's

  12. Giants lineup: Arias, Francoeur , Torres in


    Sat, 10 Aug 2013

    With a lefty on the mound for the Orioles, Brandon Crawford, Roger Kieschnick, and Gregor Blanco are all getting a day off Saturday.

  13. Bochy accepting lineup suggestions for last-place Giants


    Wed, 7 Aug 2013

    Manager Bruce Bochy is open to ideas for the last-place Giants, and veterans Hunter Pence and Jeff Francoeur were happy to provide them.

  14. Hotel did you feel your one or to a scooter and intense and their roles. I mean. Where you're going there tool. You know last inning it It's on an epic. We're all there for great. They stole a couple of bases. No more will be great so she's a lot of pitches and so. Struggled so Julio theaters. You

  15. Instant Replay: Three-run eighth lifts Giants past Brewers


    Mon, 5 Aug 2013

    Jeff Francoeur 's pinch-hit, broken-bat RBI single in the eighth broke a 1-1 tie and the Giants tacked on two more for a 4-2 victory over Milwaukee.

  16. Can visit he made it to grow like that is you know greeted him with that broke down Were conference's forward even you know. Worked my ass off this time I'll have ban judo. You know don't figured out answers you know really. But if I got here. Tough week for me. You know the same time you know. You

  17. Giants lineup: Francoeur in for Kieschnick


    Thu, 1 Aug 2013

    Bruce Bochy is lining up the right-handed hitters against the Phillies' lefty Cole Hamels, landing newcomer Roger Kieschnick on the bench.

  18. Extra Baggs: Bochy chooses Kieschnick over Francoeur , etc.


    Thu, 1 Aug 2013

    Bruce Bochy has a reputation for preferring veterans over young players. But he went against the grain Thursday and it paid off.

  19. that platoon in left field it won't have a left handed portion of that platoon. You may see a lot of Torres and Jeff Francoeur against right handed pitchers which. Obviously is not ideal but the Giants have a lot of decisions to make it go and

  20. Francoeur's role to expand; Cain gives Bochy peace of mind


    Sun, 14 Jul 2013

    Jeff Francouer will start out playing a limited role for the Giants. But his role could get bigger, and in more ways than one.