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  1. 49ers Mailbag: How will offense change with Manningham, Crabtree?


    Sun, 27 Oct 2013

    LONDON – It's gray and windy at Wembley Stadium, but the conditions did not prevent the delivery of another 49ers Mailbag. How can we expect the

  2. an Eli Manning issue clearly. He hasn't been performing very well this year because of their offensive that's there's gray and Harrison but the one thing I would say is. I us. As a quarterback his growth right now is how can I be in the pocket

  3. Flynn on penalty call: 'It's in the gray area'


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    There's enforcing the letter of the law, and then there's this.

  4. through your. He's brought more clothes and you play at all you know this reminds united days in Cleveland is going to be gray and rainy and kind of cool all week so. It's definitely have been here for that. Eighteen about nine hours of live from Nashville

  5. Gray undergoes successful thumb surgery


    Fri, 18 Oct 2013

    A's right-handed pitcher Sonny Gray can turn his attention towards rehab after successful surgery on his left thumb,.

  6. just perfectly don't like to when he offset to. There Davis current crumbled in the. released a medical updates for Sonny gray and Josh rhetoric on Monday the rookie Graham will have surgery to repair ligament tear in his left thumb during the offseason

  7. Surgery for Gray , Reddick in offseason


    Mon, 14 Oct 2013

    The A's announced medical updates Monday, revealing that two of their injured players will require surgery this offseason.

  8. And I think that's this month and we've done well all year as a playable style. It seasons. And times when it. It. Obviously pretty difficult results tonight and he. Did he have a power staff. Especially with we locate his fastball. And these guys. Complimentary pitches. And just hails originally.

  9. person of the year. Knows it and we had a chance to win. A little Jordan. They're perfect this this with the with the wrong. It. It was a fastball. 10 we are trying to get into a little bit. This means they over the plate that much in the community that are like me and I think. important for. It. A

  10. when you get to a regular season game it's on the regular season games more than pre season program that even more. So these gray area are right there in the middle of the regular season these guys have missed all the steps. So. You know when their ready

  11. actions could end up. The a's have announced their game five starter drum roll please. It's nor did 23 year old Sonny gray gray held the Tigers to no runs and just four hits over eight innings in his game to start. Bob Melvin spoke to reporters

  12. Plethora of variables weighed before choosing Gray


    Thu, 10 Oct 2013

    Bob Melvin and Billy Beane took a lot of variables into account before choosing to start Sonny Gray over Bartolo Colon in Game 5.

  13. Gray's broken thumb adds injury to insult


    Thu, 10 Oct 2013

    Despite his best efforts Sonny Gray was the losing pitcher in a decisive Game 5, but could a thumb injury have affected his performance?

  14. California is second to none shoot me let's start with Sonny gray gets the start game five was this the right call for the eight ..... making a bad choice would either. But I just think that Sonny gray stuff plays up when I'm talking about stuff I'm talking about

  15. A's going with rookie Gray over Colon in Game 5


    Wed, 9 Oct 2013

    The Oakland A's have decided to skip Bartolo Colon's turn and go with rookie Sonny Gray against Justin Verlander and the Tigers in Game 5.

  16. 1-on-1 with Dennis Eckersley


    Tue, 8 Oct 2013

    pitching you know I mean it can't forget the pitching Sonny gray and and and really pitching with the Detroit. You know they Detroit winning the first game was a big deal but you know Sonny gray got them back and it. And then they did their thing with a home

  17. know stress really and Parker were here before and I heard Sonny gray told me. Well straight you a strike out keen. When the baddest ..... field and polls show will on other don't worry about what Sonny gray did go out there and do your best wide 345 starters normally

  18. A legend. It's not about that offense Andy you mentioned seventeen innings Owens admits that pitching lately is there anything in your approach do you think or has just been too. Cologne and great respect as well yeah just including great respect good via as far as guys have been able. Augustin to

  19. you know Bartolo threw great game one you know. They jumped on him early but he threw outstanding. And then. You know Sonny gray it was. Some kind of special last night and you know Parker's Parker's equally as good as those guys and he's he's gonna

  20. That's your first postseason certain. Kind of give us and it was in my life so angry Tony for opposing starter decent grade Justin Verlander. You know obviously you know banks he's in his career. You know I actually ever candidate. Really why I just trying to. Try to take everything else sounded