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Melvin: 'It was pretty shocking, and a good at-bat for Mathis'



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Sat, 4 Aug 2012|

Bob Melvin couldn't believe Jeff Mathis tied the game in the ninth.


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If we start with. Then it's -- -- debut performance yesterday. I was yesterday would you think you know me I thought it was great I mean. You could tell east Troy had some nerves early on. Close to thirty pitches in the first inning. If not thirty somewhere around there. And got better as the game went along you -- started to settle in more and more so when the game went along and stuff was better use in his. His off speed stuff. More and counts that we. Heard about it and expected to. So again just after a little bit of nerves in the first couple innings got better and better and in really end up. You know given us -- performance. Blackley had the ball and and it paid immediate dividends yet screw them and Clint was the really was. You know you come and you you used to being a starter. Become an a roll like that you know you're going to be out there for a well and and you can't give -- up so every pitch. For him. Could be into the game so we come you know he's sitting down there for how many innings and now all of a sudden he's the key guy in the game minority can't make a mistake so. He's been good for us in the bullpen before he went in the rotation was good rotation again he was used clutch tonight. Yeah it had mandated that law -- one more satisfying ones -- this season how does this one. Which one -- girl and then the other fifty inning game. Oh yeah well. Those are -- Those are difficult ones to lose you know you spend so much energy all the pitching. Pinch hit your out of players you know we -- catcher left and and we are long man in the game. Run through the bullpen. Those can be very difficult. Games to lose especially at home. When you have the advantage having the last at bat so. I would put that went on par with the last one. Talk a little bit about Australian and again the whole run with it in the ninth inning could you -- period over the -- I was in shock I really was you know here we are two out nobody on. Could he looked like it is real good stuff. Face it now -- to the Davis. Base hit and now he's got two strikes right away on Mathis. You know -- two methods credits the work to you know the count deep and got a -- going to handle. You know I'm kind of watching -- go to see. Where that ball's gonna hit off the wall and next thing goes. He goes out so is pretty shocking and in a very very good at bat for for Mathis. That's true you talk about. Yeah he you know he did look like there were a little bit of nerves early on and I think that's the case probably for anybody when they take the mound for the first time. -- the big league level. But boy he settled in after throwing quite a few pitches in the first couple innings give -- six. Get better and better look like his stuff. You know this is slider I threw some curve balls and some good change ups and in just look like a more comfortable game along. I don't know -- through your assessment you know. Rigorous yet springer's. Dated -- not sure we'll serious tomorrow. I've probably doubtful tomorrow. I would think that so our players. And that -- pretty impressed with this again the other not only is saving game gave us momentum come back into the dugout we've talked about defense plays that. Swing the momentum. You know there was a period there for three or four innings there -- wasn't any momentum really anyway and it was just kind of you know who's gonna outlast this thing get in position to score runs somebody come up with a big hit after her an error something like that then all of a sudden. You know it did used to -- up a little bit when. When he made that play we came in the dugout and weeks you right away. You know lines of all over the first baseman hit for triples that in effect in the games could play. Yeah well you know in the games like that these seats she you know it it tends to be said. Oh poor defensive play error a lot of times ends up being key in games like that in. Hit the cutoff man made a good throw many good throw to home plate you know they have to force the issue and try to score around that. It seemed like I was quite awhile ago. With weeks coming up big below us 215 inning games do you think and -- can -- we will prefer. You know I don't really think he cares or gets to tell you the truth he just wants to contribute you know he's had a tough year for him offensively he just wants contribute anywhere. And he has come up big in late in games --

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