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Miller & Krukow: 'Jered Weaver is back'



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Thu, 26 Sep 2013|

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Time now who who Wendy's when it's -- -- -- -- Bay Area dot com. Good morning everyone I'm afraid here weather warning -- -- from the Comcast sports net studios start as a baseball the Angels and BA is eighth consecutive second consecutive loss. First I would want. 31 the wind yesterday for the angels' Jered Weaver pitched seven strong innings Jed Lowrie -- sacrifice fly six that was the only RBIs and runs. For the green and -- all of the giants' Barry Zito got his first wins and made birdie at the 64 victory over the Dodgers Tony Abreu. Two for four with a double and triple for our -- support black casino. In what could be his final start with the Giants. Five innings four -- wanna hurt one day. It's just been on the -- -- seven years. A lot happened personally and also on the phils. You know insider someone all. It was really nice you know you come out against the Dodgers here for the last four hours. No such a blessing and I think there's a lot of orchestration the most similar for that to happen and you know bruises don't really get after not being on the mound there. He's good dude I would guess in football tonight. 49ers Rams entered into it tonight 49ers post game live on Comcast sports net California immediately after. Had game has done and I'm afraid that is the morning minute. That was the win.

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    He's just been discussed here Weaver 's name title. Really kept us off balance all night both sides of the plate. You know in between fastball changeup enough sliders

  2. Weaver silences A's; Zito looks back after beating LA

    Angels and BA is eighth consecutive second consecutive loss. First I would want. 31 the wind yesterday for the angels' Jered Weaver pitched seven strong innings Jed Lowrie sacrifice fly six that was the only RBIs and runs. For the green and all of

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    the Giants take one on the chin in and I. The Angels get their tenth shutout of the season six nothing in the final Jered Weaver needed just 78 pitches to get through his six innings Giants. I dropped three straight into the series the only ones

  4. Ray and Glen: 'It was strange to see A's not getting anything going offensively'

    all of a sudden goes called for a couple of days I know Jered Weaver has lot to do that today but certainly like to see him ..... Oakland if all three of we saw what Vargas did last night Weaver today of if Richards had anything close to what he did

  1. did play better than they are there and we just stuffed that shot ourselves in the foot you know. So hats off to choose at Weaver where there. One point the news had 39 believe 48. Obviously the crowd noise maybe play. A role in that knowledge delay penalties

  2. tonight. And scored three runs when you get into Vegas Vargas who Weaver and an off day yesterday what does that say about your offense ..... I Anaheim. He's got to tip your cap Vargas pitched great Weaver pitched great as he always does. He's tough chip and Felix

  3. Matinee baseball in the final game this year between the Angels and the in Australia and Jared Weaver good pitching matchup that really much like Griffin has one final chance to really impressed Bob Melvin and say hey I should be

  4. A's, Gray look to rebound vs. Angels


    Tue, 17 Sep 2013

    bullpen that. Every since he's been inserted back into the rotation he's been outstanding. You remind me a lot of Jeff Weaver he's got his three quarter delivery Rose cross bar and he's gonna present a very tough task for the a's right handed hitters

  5. line. This. Is. Yeah yeah yeah he's you know he's quick and should parks though. You know I think you should do well Weaver 's. On it that. Much I know Did it it it does take a little time. You know member and you're still you know learn each

  6. s kind of deja Vu thing here we were last night talking about is little sluggish offensively out of the break and Jered Weaver shut him down and tonight. It was the same story but C. J. Wilson good job. he was very good and I thought. You

  7. Weaver shuts down Red Sox, 3-0


    Mon, 8 Jul 2013

    The Red Sox offense has no luck Sunday night against Jered Weaver and the Angels, failing to score a run as Boston drops the rubber game of the three-game series, 3-0.

  8. simply never know what arms you're rolling the dice unfortunately in this case for the Giants. It came up craps and Zach Weaver 's gonna be really good for a long time as long as his arm holds up our next topic. fever is sweeping Major League Baseball

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    Leonard Weaver stirred things up via his Twitter account on Monday, suggesting some players on the Eagles may be "disgruntled."

  10. was movement. Yeah. It is and made it. Some this. Still. When you turn on the short and Approach. And it's. You. You Weaver but. One game to. So it's. Think it. No rather have. Positive feeling going into games and and vice Versa it is but I

  11. So you know before one's the toughest on the way I don't formal Weaver and I think when you're playing. More all over I'd like to think that if it was our group we promote. If our best effort

  12. also the stat sheet but we understand how big of a player that was you know they'll want to so. If you use of performance Weaver Stepped. You. Talk about that haven't closed the game in the third quarter were you getting concerned he feels pressure

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    Mon, 22 Apr 2013

    On a night the Orioles paid tribute to Earl Weaver , they completed a doubleheader sweep over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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    Sat, 20 Apr 2013

    Cal Ripken set the tone for Earl Weaver 's tribute. "I wish I could have played for him forever."

  15. O's to celebrate Weaver vs. LA


    Sat, 13 Apr 2013

    Next Saturday, the Orioles will host a celebration of Earl Weaver 's life. It will begin at 6 p.m. instead of 2 p.m. as originally scheduled.

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    The pain of Jered Weaver 's broken left elbow reverberates far beyond Orange County.

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    Yu Darvish has a blister, Jered Weaver banged his non-pitching elbow, and other No. 1 starters have hurt pride.

  18. Orioles have no first pitch ceremony, honor Weaver


    Fri, 5 Apr 2013

    Instead of a ceremonial first pitch on Opening Day, there was a quiet tribute to Earl Weaver

  19. Morning Skate: Feb. 27


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    Check out the Fox local broadcast of the Florida Panthers/Boston Bruins from Sunday afternoon when Mike Weaver hit Milan Lucic from behind. Wow, that's some impressive interpretation of a play right in front of them.

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    AP) While a blimp hovers not too far in the distance, circling over tens of thousands of Super Bowl revelers, Christopher Weaver looks around at the neighborhood where he was born and raised and almost died. He loves this place, probably more now than