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9.29: A's press conference -- Billy Beane, Part 3



  1. David DeJesus9:37
  2. Michael Taylor9:05
  3. the Yankees1:00
  4. Major League team2:40
  5. commissioner's office7:01
  6. backup catchers5:25
  7. designated hitter5:00
  8. spring training7:51, 8:55
Thu, 29 Sep 2011|

Billy Beane give his end-of-the season press conference a day after his A's shut out the Mariners to go 74-88.


Machine Generated Transcript

There -- better person well obviously it went well you book. You'd -- if -- it was a quiet you. I don't know that. That we use for your preference be out there. That he's on -- there. Nice party listen. You know that's part of cycles here and you I'm competitive and everybody who's in our front offices competitive just. Writers here competitive nobody likes them they wanna win they don't want him. I don't wanna lose so. It just. Challenges the challenges are there for us and it just motivates you more and you know I still love it -- I love doing his job despite the challenges but. You know when this year you're trying to win next year. The I know -- use -- -- find -- He needs to -- number I'm sorry I mean I know it's. That is what -- -- the Yankees. Think results. That -- people -- 250. Operates. No home runs and he'd do yeah its not like Indianapolis -- let you do what you want he's Seymour. If you think about when you -- Enough of these what if that it. -- Well lately so I think you know it's well documented He had that tough first half that. Sometimes you like to look at the trend line and where he's headed and honestly worries then that's going to second half as. Hopefully more indicative of what he's capable of doing going forward in. He struggles in the first went I mean his numbers are what they are. But. If you look at where you came from. He had an impressive second half and that's it's something in your -- on. It we've that He really respond it's worth eating apple season so hopefully it's this very. Player. You know feeling that we get the team that and that's what I'll do. Well if you know surveys BC because a lot of resisted those discussions -- we relevant question marks so. Those are -- -- together until we solve that and once again some of our direction. Is determine where we think we're going to be. And I think you have some expectations. In one place and and so if you're going to another mean. You know -- -- -- in fairness and a guy who managed a Major League team is only as good as the players he's given. And you know once again somewhere direction will be determined and some of the players this team will be determined by where we think that directions going to be. Philly and estimates He has all keyed the size inside. Defensive side. -- -- some games the outfield. Without some good -- Sports. It was in in I think a lot of credit goes number one and Hideki for. For going out there and doing the job He did I think that was Bob's idea about no one's idea. And I think we were all. I'm very surprised that still how capable He is out there. At this point is careers you probably don't want them out -- too often because it's it's not that easy on the body but when He went out there it is very very good job -- -- create a lot of flexibility for. For bobbled its roster and knowing He can go out there on certain days made it made it easier to manage. He'd go down again plus great -- Who do we do -- -- -- considered. More flexibility from what I mean. A perfect world you are now locked into a guy who can only DH. So whenever you have the manager -- you if you can if you can do that. It makes it easier and everybody so in fact that it is an option even some short term basis it's good. He you repeat it that's right. That. It and -- I you public. The eighth and you give it. And it with that that's still listen in chris' case we it's not completely determine and I think. You'd be the first to tell you he'd he'd -- does need to. Show some improvement defensively but you He is a pretty good athlete and He should be able to do that but. I don't think we consider him at this point just being designated hitter and and something you prefer not to do for a kid that age and He certainly has the will to trying to improve and as long as He does. You know we'd like to see him play that position. -- -- -- -- Offensive numbers down -- -- having a very eager to play record is so young. Dolphins placed third Sacramento are you looking for another backup catchers and -- You know. It was Duke had a great second half to be really came on strong and you know. He you physically he's out there every day in and and it was encouraging to see him swing the bat as well as He did so. As far as the other candidates for the back up catcher I think we feel. Comfortable with the with -- with -- all those guys so -- it's probably not an area we're going to be out aggressively looking to fill. The last year. Although. You didn't beat me if you mile. You you follow you terps. Seasons overseas and I mean you have scouting. The international team but give -- last -- after. We'll see your personal -- is this. Well it it's a good question because I would sort of view that. As part of our international investment that being said it would many cases depend on who the individual was. And -- his age. So club and many times from the free agents. Come out of Japan if they. It's ten years if not posted they're usually older. If they are posted. You know they can come as they can be able to younger but I think a lot of it would it would really depend on each individual player his age. But it's certainly something we might consider. They obviously had the commissioner's office is that told you guys seemed to have an answer. Soon. Boosted in the clubhouse. Now. Listen I mean we we've we've been told a number of times it -- -- decision was -- here so I mean. And so yes. Science center fielder doesn't seem to be an obvious in house replacement. For -- -- -- -- lead to -- of that influence your decision whether maybe to bring him back. Well it's a factor. And one kid we Jermaine Mitchell's ago that really came through this year and had an outstanding year He. Just recently had a knee surgery. Which may keep him out actually through spring training so. You know work a little concerned -- were you know where he's going to be and when when the season starts otherwise He would would definitely be a candidate but. But beyond that what you say is true it's it's it's going to be -- position after -- Thank you later this week that statement a number of times. That recently eventful and I'm thankful that I'm first -- let's -- That. Over two and a half years we've been told that so this time I'm gonna believe it. Two point 63 as -- would say. City -- Mike do you know. What's this. -- It. -- always do well and affect him and another. Young pitcher that we think very highly of -- bureau are both doing very very well and we expect him to. Continue to pitchers in the offseason. And they should be a 100% ready to go in spring training next year. Get your first big league look Michael Taylor pretty pretty brief look getting better read on. On whether or not these two guys -- -- Really be an impact player next big -- -- Listen I think he'll definitely be a factor coming in. In your right in fairness to them. He didn't play every day appearance September I think you know. Being big competitors that we all are hearing body myself we wanted to win as many games have put. The guys who we thought had a good shot -- help on that day in. Sometimes it was David DeJesus and right and sometimes it was Michael -- we expect Michael. Come to camp next year and and and be a factor. And his playing time will be but most players we determine how He performs.

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