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Fri, 1 Nov 2013|

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Little hope I make a nice scenario today where is there now are you highlight that I am like this -- I especially like enhance the volume makes you do the mustache better than. I didn't -- to eat that would that with the volume of the recent spate of butter cup went down well not much black coffee. I -- out -- asking me if I ask you what is trending. Sure I really mean by that trend they are not familiar we're -- there's always something I'm not in this -- well and I get to cover -- -- in the best interest seeing those that trending sometimes unique. Unique you know Eric yeah I guess yes you have New York I love Scotch. So what is trending on right well our first topic is. Really angry at me trade him over the summer over the summer to the public and he was hurt the first fortieth of his career he was planes bar and that -- Sixers you have to. Nice to deliver the -- can season opener pregame welcome speech that yeah it's only a good idea. Yeah even playing in the game. What -- and as you can thank you don't sell well for holidays that have -- of -- -- it ain't going to be embarrassed for my. Right then was. There's little things didn't go well. I'll put it that apply it to go well and Marc-Andre Iguodala gave a speech he's in a warrior he is screwed up now. Now I know I know now -- now why -- next great all of them sort of interesting there the opera maybe for some really. Like awkward not you normally see on satellite but it you wearing your yesterday. And you happen beyond sadly wouldn't beat. I don't well he. On -- -- you his very first big game. Vonnie play not cars like maybe -- and NBA players usually do it however. After the right I don't know he took the train home after they -- they did beat the other night 83 it could be something he might be getting confident. Eighty money -- it like a win win. That's the first time and a New -- some -- so what was screaming out for world -- yeah I never heard that before you -- these odd man like on this level and that's a righty has the malice in the -- -- -- -- yeah I would be nervous as I was there anyway -- third Ferrari. Reliever athletics reliever Jerry Blevins -- -- act and there's a little bit -- You actually driving and that might shot that was delivering his new Carnahan got steamrolled -- -- strain. 200. Feet down. What is the impact obviously no seriously injured that's the good news is not much for the car that car. Flailing -- got -- he can get the ball that went out he didn't get possession having yesterday there isn't funny but it again. Well how it happened in my Eldorado. Just terrible -- Chances -- your new car getting the -- you find out is an accident. And it and I had penetration happen and let her elder of the car was crushed but the Fuzzy dice was perfect yet but -- over that yeah. President -- apt at learn new things that I.

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  5. could use another left handed reliever I mean they've got they've got two little who's you know been lights on the Doug Blevins but you know they could use a third. Absolutely as just Lopez their free agents to be with Tim Lincecum what do you do with

  6. Are these that your career on. Little believed that that's messed up around back. yeah. messed up there possession minutes. Off natural. John I think you're hired head high school and my arc last. Did streamed live hires lawyer and he's got stuff to do. Just them her items because he's pretty

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  10. slope of the mound as these points down. And this you know loosen your arm up through the next anybody that and that's stress on the team. After me. That's a good question does a lot of good about it guys. Little Blevins . You guys.

  11. game and you and then lastly I got to show called all LA is they just wanna be the first to congratulate you you. Jerry Blevins had been voted the best stretch guy not out actually and. The guys that's excited tell my guys makes my suits will

  12. hear. There are. Huge huge you know do little in in golf for a particular were we used quite a bit. Cooke's been time Blevins wasn't available tonight as a three in a row says it's in that goes part of decision to let him go out but it. You know

  13. feel like we're pretty good we're pretty well set up if Belfour is not available on a particular day whether it's cook Blevins or. Do little. He's. Us. Right. Right. Well you know he know government in that you got to try to keep this kind of

  14. all week. You don't want to miss a thing like yesterday's shenanigans. Between the Josh Redick. Josh Donaldson Jerry Blevins all hammer it out for Free forced out well if you work out party dolls and I just was so it shapes the two things bone

  15. your your your coaching staff leads as well and I think these guys trust us. But whether it's you know a guy like Jerry Blevins to stand up and be a leader. All of our. I feel like all of our guys and our staff can be leaders and we're you

  16. talk about the Big Three in that and not leave it out Jerry Blevins really cared this much here. But we do little cook ..... how things fall behind those three guys because guy. Jerry Blevins you have. Travis Blackley had so many different guys

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    parties. His is phenomenal so full. I wish I Padilla. It. Competition wise I'm not sure how to answer that. I would say Blevins I had a pretty darn good off season ticket to believes. And you know do everything there was to do there's no other blogs

  18. Athletics sign one-year deals with Blevins , Moss


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    The Oakland Athletics have signed each of their final two arbitration eligible players in Brandon Moss and Jerry Blevins to one-year contracts.

  19. A's avoid arbitration with Kottaras


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    Jerry Blevins , Brandon Moss, Seth Smith still eligible for arbitration after Kottaras signs deal for 2013.

  20. A's give playoff share to charity


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    Jerry Blevins and his A's teammates voted to give 34,325.16 to various local and national charities.