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8.19: The Hairston Brothers Dating Game with a Twist



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Wed, 19 Aug 2009|

Kate Longworth plays a fun game with brothers Scott and Jerry Hairston Jr.


Machine Generated Transcript

Okay and before you play at the big game Snyder before you -- step on the children play a little game here Scott you compared it to. The dating game but instead a plane hit with Brothers you each have a piece of paper in hand with your name and your brother's name on adamant -- a series of questions. And we'll see what you guys revealed to let. So first who is the power hitter. I it's unanimous athletics got the dead brother on the outline. If you guys is urged to run the bases. From all the way around who would get home first and now or -- -- for that matter peek at our peak without a doubt me. It didn't would you grade -- amid the one of these ticket. That's lottery would wins. Yeah it'd be close I guess we race each other -- hundred meters and I and I want. And it's scary who's smart competitive we can tell already with this game -- in various. Areas. It's competitive out there. I think it can be -- like them better as they got a little older but I've always been competitive even as he needs. Two when he's he's competitive do now. And I think. I guess I'd just like everything in general -- we're playing cards where. You video games where. Any football period this -- only have who is the better student. They had to put a card up for this plays even if neither of us here at the brain and so then -- -- the mama's boy. I'll definitely step off of definitely. Ways and you know it's like Mohammed -- credit man you've Alexander as the voice you know his name -- -- in the mama's -- I think we're all kind of moment. Who then -- that the ladies' man. Since. -- both. If I mean it goes it goes both ways that I think. -- both I I can't have attracted more women that. Lannan -- wanted to loan him. -- who's more punctual. Showing up on time something I I would say. Which is did you seek his Jerry was late for the interview ability and. Temple and yesterday -- don't give you stats don't miss it hit it could be either or me on the given day. -- me. And you guys had a couple questions of your round two you were throwing out right for the interview started well for some of those guys you're saying boy. Program. -- who has more back here amounts it's gotten hit that good at. And. Again if you guys got into trouble who would you want to talk you out of it me without a doubt. I've been in more trouble than him so I know how to get -- from what I've done it's much. That you guys went to a -- like. Lou is most likely to cry easy stat. If you do anything why Mickey Wright these -- -- -- more takes -- anyway. So last summer home. Out and then they'll wind off fans at home are dying to know who is gonna win today. I like -- -- Yankees. -- can we idea on the mound he's been pitching did so. I don't know. This could be good -- We got hall of -- -- line -- like their chances I think you very much for joining us they Hairston Brothers making it a whole new game with the dating game and it's west but.