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  1. Enjoying now about one of the great names in raider history Tom Flores Super Bowl winning coach former player with the franchise Joins us here on Yahoo! Sports talk live and coach lets start the a

  2. and you know how much she cared about us that are his kids in this. Know within a day you know he did anything and everything Flores and knowing he's on anybody's spoke over the negativity. You know was the guy who's going to be there is you know back

  3. the Falcons Falcons come out firing Mickelson drives in scores for two or. On and it's Mikey on the run this is Sebastian Flores over to new rule for three. You end up four point lead still on the upper floors with a room June into the paint that's good

  4. the buzzer from NBA range. And it's just a three point Falcons lead after 12. Quarter now College Park create some space Flores with a jumper from up top forty to 31 out At that this was a high scoring game. To the third the same Eagleton with a triple

  5. takes a big lead it never looks back this is Nicklaus blog for a par 316. Seven The Grizzlies fighting hard often this is Marco Flores from most of grabbing the garbage and tossing and can't wait for out and who's playing stifling defense the Presley's

  6. on the run of season left it was a perfect bounce pass Jose Flores Bruins cut the deficit to seven half. Or action back to work ..... with the pats have all the way back in the third Webster to Flores from the quarter. And we're tied at 48 in the fourth that

  7. don't slow motion. The I mean I was trying to take it just like any other game goes hard on very good. I mean I about mr. Flores converted and I learned how to describe this season one word. It's. A lot of my name it we've been around not a lot of

  8. now he's understand it. We count we count on him to be on the floor. Is policy that's the nature of the game. But as Flores went bad calls made he thought should go the other way or win someone gets real physical with him and he wants to do it. But

  9. Jackson actually gave the coaches tomorrow and Friday off so wolf with. That should come to fruition at some point I think Tom Flores name tag is not. And threw out the let's talk about the GM I know their 45 people that you talked about written about it

  10. that is today. six and it's a bit. That is the those guys won his last few spices lost Robert Guerrero. One against its Flores believe he's still say is outstanding and he hit the body outside on the inside and it'll benefit him more. By the way

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    You know 1012 seconds. Really I I thought it was gonna get that I was still. Just rolling I thought he was in about the plot Flores . Because of the ball so long enough. And It looked at that time. Not. You are all so there. Yeah I mean it just with the

  12. Flores hopes that with the passing of Al Davis will come his recognition as a true NFL pioneer.

  13. out of the shotgun again we've receivers right one laps. Maybe it was left play from a other then that the whole way then correctly cared dives on it. And the Raiders take over Vick failed at the Patriots are out of timeouts. The Raiders 143. Away. From going back to the AFC championship. Game than

  14. that as well. Right treatments and make up a little bit. So I don't think that's okay I'm an idea medicine eat at home Flores her look good it is kind of on the play other teams outside you know. Play in nationally the American League and you know have

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    another power play Boyle. With a drive and Ryan close deflects it stopped five along the final seconds of the first and Randy Flores a high united Douglas Murray watched that she leaves the ice with a hit. That's charging it. For the Sharks don't capitalize

  16. make a traitor not make a trade cut a guy what do you bring a guy you would be the final decision maker all things basketball. Flores GM I'll let him do his job. But in the end bottom line. Peter and I and ultimately me. I will make the big calls. So that

  17. with the big guys that we haven't played in fast paced offense teams. But they also bring another element to this team is Flores on their rebounding and toughness. And so to stamp that I wouldn't trying to be fast and can also be a physical team from

  18. become that person so I think go we wanna see for him we think he's definitely in the conversation. Everything he has done Flores on the floor has been great all the floor he has been great this young man has tremendous following. All around the country

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    said. Don't really care whatever is best for the team I feel like in. Mean it's not a role. Mean a certain spot for. Flores . You know somebody goes down I also the opportunity for to do you do different things with the lineup I've always been fine

  20. it was. Plan. T shirts and this is obviously a sports show but. When you first on wrapping when I think about sports Tom Flores was the coach of the Oakland Raiders out battles with the coach of the Golden State Warriors and Billy Martin with coach. Of