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McLellan wants to keep Hertl 'on an even keel'



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Sat, 12 Oct 2013|

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I don't know if it's as much the system. As the people that are involved. In the game as you all -- on for six years on expert on for three so. The game's evolved and changed. But the people that we're in Detroit in the way they did things and how they want to. Two to build their team. I think that rubbed off props on both of us. We had a really good stuff there with. Which softened and Mike Babcock Paul -- and -- would -- -- hoosiers often enough. Forgotten about. There was a lot of fun those years. And now it's good to see both Mike and Paul having success here Raiders and you're right in spite although I'm. We'll tough weeks here and and deal with that after. Think it's always been on to tell you the truth is only so many ways you can play the game. There's wrinkles that we can throwing to certain situations power play penalty kill faceoff you go on and on. But at the end of the day it's trying to get. The group of people to come together. For common cause and get them to do things they really don't wanna do some -- and if you can get them to participate though way as a that's a big group you tend to have more success and failure. The first -- talent -- I think that's a huge part of coaching. I would have been surprised if he didn't six currently does a -- -- very bright bright man understands the game well. You know he has that. That ability to refer back to a long playing career. And I always remember the line -- to talk to go back checking in Detroit -- nobody ever made me do it so I didn't. And it was simple as us so I think black can can refer to his past. And approach to players with that type of -- addendum. To the people that I know that that play over there really like this. The players love. Playing for them participating with him hand and his stuff. And it's ruled that. A while ago that there. And you know. The -- he stuck at -- he. Had a pretty good situation with Mike. Had a opportunity to win cultural relationships obviously in Anaheim. With what Brian. When they needed somebody to go to use their guy and they made a really good choice. I believe they do I don't you know you never get to really see you guys never really gets your coaching staffs work. And any one of ours that are put in that the bottles and how phenomenal in the coaches office there it's all up. Rosie and then there's sometimes there's some arguments but when you leave your unified group and if you're about at least players will be leaving. Is hurt. It's been been a real good asset for us. Both Larry Allen and Jim Johnson veteran defenseman. Stanley cups finals. You name it works it probably been involved in them. And the amount of experience when they walk in the locker room. We have players who played over a thousand games. They still look up to them and they have to respect them out -- so it's been -- really good thing for our team. Which obviously for known team gaming issues it's pretty healthy but specifically the way the scoring it's come. Even strength vs the power play historically when you know. Changes from year -- year last year there. Talking about the power play and when was the five on five play gonna get going you know they issued a five on five plays there the power -- -- just and we'll average -- a little above average so. It changes from here a year you have to recreate your your identity at the beginning of the year. The ducks. Have shown up in our lineup after four games. Many more games to go -- Can we keep an awful we'll find out tonight with game five and what are you guys morning in these games where the margin victories it's pretty sizable contingent in those games so I don't so I don't look at it about way I look at to Vancouver games being quick close. The other two got away arm problem with our opponents and were copied from output. We're playing at home here it's 21 in the late in the third period there middle of the third period against Vancouver. Same thing in in Vancouver the other night those are taking schemes that we have to learn to play and find ways to to win rather than lose. -- -- -- -- -- So the front here a little bit to do -- here. I don't necessarily mean from the standpoint of what happens over and everybody got a bit of a target on his practices any player who would jump out to a good start out. How do you feel that you need to remind him or anything because he's been pro already -- -- gently he's. Little bit of both. You know he's playing -- line that gets attention so it is if you didn't you'd -- Don't have to speak English to understand that he knows he's playing -- He's had some success early in the season so I think there again. He's a bright young man you'll understand that he's gonna get the attention of of the opponent. You know with that being said we want to keep my meeting Q we don't want him up to hire or get down to -- and it's not going well but. I don't know that it was taken any runs out of -- I think they've been. Playing hard like they would Ferdinand and burns on the line as well. Odds on him to help him no not at all I -- so there was going to play the -- him. Column to shoulder that was an -- Internet. Had anything to do with homeless are -- Thomas -- And trachsel -- those young guys. You have enough time on the extra recognize who you're chasing down and maybe that was and one of those situations. Oh.

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