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5.27: Rockies manager Jim Tracy on Buster Posey



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Fri, 27 May 2011|

Tracy says that he doesn't think the rules on catcher collisions at the plate should be changed.


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Well I think the first thing you have to look at is this is people. Thinking that this game that we play here. You know that it's not. That then it's not a contact sport. And watching. Players -- after night tonight. To think that. You know. That this is not a game that involved. You. A lot of punishment on the wrong. Note that position. I was at home. -- Office to watch the game I'd. -- And then got home and time to watch while there and -- I. Want to know right now you know even known player from another club. Nobody likes this. Is a baseball. That's what I saw solve baseball's way. You know. Two days ago you know I got word my office that we lost -- -- starting pitcher. You. Well. You know -- to him something like that player. That is not only terrific baseball player terrific for this game because that kid is personality. You know Woody -- brought the -- what He did last year's rookie. This -- that He put in that will be a year ago when they brought. You know. I've. Always liked that assault one that actually. To be harder -- one that would. Yeah. Brian Jordan that it. -- -- And I don't know what. To do I think that I pictured him harder than actually took place in Dodgers days. I mean what makes these guys had played well. All. Right then there's there's a two run home plate and that's exactly what. The ball in the right right about the fact. That. -- -- -- pitch one pitch it goes back to everything that I that at times I talked to you guys about. That you know this is another situation just like ours was 48 hours ago. That. You know. It is immediately. As people thinking that dynamics have been changed and things like that. You know. The the majority of the time that I managed in the big leagues has been in the National League west and I can honestly attest to the fact. That in all the years I've managed in this division. You know. I really feel like those dynamics are always in play. I mean this division. Has been one that always. You know people say well this team's gonna win that teams currently. But one little thing and it takes one pitch or one play for it to happen now all of a sudden the complete perspective. The entire division changes and I've seen not take place. You know at least a half a dozen times during the course of the period of time I've managed in the National League west and that's just the way this division is. You know I I talked an awful lot about the fact. Over the last couple years when you talk about some of the bright young pitching. You know in baseball. But if you -- if you're on the East Coast that you can stay up long enough to watch some of that you see the dynamics of you know how good some of the young pitchers are specifically. In the National League west. You know we got another glimpse of it last night with a young guy that. That that that pitch for the Diamondbacks. You know it -- it's it's it's just. It takes one play it takes one pitch to people immediately change their thought process but it goes back to what I said yesterday. You know. You have to -- way. And you can't sit around and feel sorry for yourself or think that anybody else does because that's not the way this game is injuries are part of this game. And it goes back to the thing that I say constantly. That when you play for six months you don't judge a club on 35 games you don't judge a club on one month two months of the season. You've judged the consistency of any Major League team over the course of a six month period because when you when you get that amount of time to take place. The team that plays the most consistent baseball over the course of that period of time that's the one that will win. I promise you any year that's exactly what will happen. -- it's just that simple.

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