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  1. want to to what is it that. Community is really effective in the earlier that roasters and A lot of hitting supposed. Oops Soria enviable to put pressure. Coach been so calm. Yet so furious as they came out with such desperation tonight do calm and there

  2. respect respect the decision that he may A lot of guys was happy about it but we have to respect. He's been a frustrating year Soria you know as far as yards but to come through. In this setting up his skates seen your team conceivable what is it seems. You

  3. your body under control and you're willing to do what a coach does you can get a player since Ken. Do some wonderful things Soria and not be the best athlete and a draft when it comes in that you. Workouts go back throughout your entire career whether it

  4. What about today field left field the coliseum is always tough to get that breeze coming in the corner in left yet how was Soria in the after the event at Tyson did a great job the ball down. Keep it away from its appreciate dead red you know Sunday

  5. is a go to time of the season. And we're going with a goal obviously. Yeah you guys have a lot of confidence in Niemi. Soria he's he's been there is one of the cup bit numb. You know we helicopters who is in that and you know he's been playing

  6. are well I don't know I may action it's gonna call though they're soft. I'm gonna take it would and autograph that Soria . How are they autograph that sort of arrived it favored no walk or what the car before you leave and if that Alberto no I think

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    Tue, 27 Dec 2011

    with. Doesn't always. Concern you though that when you I mean all both of us that we've seen some really awful. Decision Soria ideally the hands the judges. It doesn't concern. Always. You just never know. And to hear that the scorecards. At the

  8. 11.28: 49ers practice -- Alex Smith


    Mon, 28 Nov 2011

    got exposed in this Fisher and need to get better and how to do it attacking us in the future things like that. It was only Soria . I think other than that I mean I think this locker room as it is such a great group of guys. You know we knew it was tough

  9. 9.24: SFG/ARI postgame -- Bruce Bochy


    Sun, 25 Sep 2011

    just what frustrations of the season after winning the championship last year of all the injuries and all the sit around and Soria is known or unknown but you know we we good field last night. We're out of it. I really don't appear to build. Through

  10. s hot with the with with the lack of training camp. Coming on the your veterans and I got to imagine that things so hard Soria but I mean you are you seeing anything in terms of you know does not taken up on things as quickly because yes had the repetitions

  11. 4.16: LAK/SJS pregame -- Ian White


    Sat, 16 Apr 2011

    point yeah. In from one of the golden you feel it's reasonable to think it might be able to come back in the series. Our Soria in the united I would hope that I Next game you know we get. Clinical liaison here. You know like I don't do well to two

  12. 2.3: 1-on-1 with Mike MacIntyre


    Thu, 3 Feb 2011

    the future that and all three of those young men are from LA. Joseph gray have a chance to next year and start as a freshman Soria . He will give be given the opportunity come in and compete to start yes Tom. And I never tell young man is definitely gonna

  13. of bad you're not gonna help the pitcher but in the case of Brian Gorman. Those pitches were close he called him. What to Soria and especially after the second strike you've got to make sure you swing at one that's going to be just as close and Daric

  14. 6.28: 1 on 1 with Madison Bumgarner


    Tue, 29 Jun 2010

    lets us try my best fifth pretty happy with it. Our ticket back to the off season first bowl because I was a busy offseason Soria got married congratulations you're right on Valentine's Day stems that you're your your wife's choice to go. get married

  15. wanna compete in sports and the next Jackie Joyner Kersey relate Natalie coach guys it doesn't matter they editors are out Soria . A team of sports is hopefully get all the women involved Jon good to see again need to grab a very say hi well congratulation

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    Thu, 7 Jan 2010

    inactives your staying them and Saturday it was pretty pretty even has got a little. Both supplement avenue there was much room. Soria . You know it's tough enough to NC. It illuminates us here in world championships so. He's got a little idea what if you

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    Sun, 6 Dec 2009

    I've probably made a mistake as a coach today at what I. But told the team that good do we or seven I was gonna look for Soria called play it which Randolph started and didn't finish. Did I say we need to make history so we're gonna give us real

  18. 10.2: Mike Singletary, RAW


    Fri, 2 Oct 2009

    him down because diesel. So that's I'll look at. There like list last game now it. It will be here satisfied. he's Soria I think I need you guys have done as good a job you can do. Hum. Getting prepared for this week and now but they understand

  19. the starting pitcher for games like. Two and four but Mike back on the coliseum field tonight. Is bring back the memories Soria . Well does the united it's always good to be back here there there's launch this in here in Oakland and it's it's good