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Giants/Nats postgame 5.12- Burriss on his free 90 feet

Wed, 13 May 2009|

Emmanuel Burriss knew that the free 90-feet he got in the ninth inning after Nats reliever Joe Beimel's throwing error was big.


Machine Generated Transcript

Talk about the free ninety feet that she got how much that motivated the team and they -- dissect games cut in her. The scoring position. It did I mean every little thing you know motivates team you know and -- I think you get on base you know big for the team but. You know until the ball lately in the second you know I looked good actor he was found overlooking the -- -- pumped up in. It was -- been off each other and it's great to have that.

  1. the quarterbacks were 12 yard gains or four losses you know it was a lot different entitlement when you guys don't do. You know so yeah it is definitely benefits of this season. You know I'd say god Beimel and and and is working out.