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10.19: NLCS Game 4 Press Conference -- Joe Blanton

Mon, 15 Jul 2013|

After getting pulled after just four innings in a tough loss Sunday to the Mariners, Joe Blanton couldn't keep his emotions all bottled up inside and instead took out some aggression on a Gatorade jug.

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  1. Bochy: 'When you dodge Kershaw you don't mind'

    roller coaster. He's pitched big games you do when you win tonight. Tomorrow. If you threw. Russa with the perspective Blanton is it hard not to be a little relieved. When you don't tactical things are not nearly as well as it has mark. Well. Me

  2. 7.26: Best of Gary Radnich

    week I thank the doctors from dissipating now I'd like to thank the New York Mets. And the Colorado Rockies is big Joe Blanton is He's feeling but what with what the score and out it felt free to get back did want to get a good critic and I

  3. 10.20: Orange October: Matt Williams

    shadows. The biggest. We can all see the fastball because it doesn't change planes cricket ball could be different so Joe Blanton on the other hand with his curveball slider. And a changeup that can be a attest. but anytime you can stay away from

  4. 1.1: GSW/MIA game highlights

    quarter second quarter lead is nine. David legal under the raft gets fouled comes down pretty hard after this fight Joe Blanton . He's he's taken enough in this early part of the season to last for the whole year. In an ankle problem he he

  1. they won't mind you don't like my life and contribute you're little and you got yourself I was or who. I was in a limo Blanton and getting into the though when those things and Atlanta classics you know they did at the taking and roll with him. No question

  2. role for us this year. in the fact that women. Good job. Description of his pitches maybe see the good news about Barbara Blanton daylight behind him end of the day. Yeah absolutely I mean I think. number one let's make no mistake about it. Charles

  3. Joe Blanton assaults a Gatorade cooler


    Mon, 15 Jul 2013

    After getting pulled after just four innings in a tough loss Sunday to the Mariners, Joe Blanton couldn't keep his emotions all bottled up inside and instead took out some aggression on a Gatorade jug.

  4. Blanco: Wake up call helped Giants


    Wed, 19 Jun 2013

    Triple to get your team to go ahead run off with Raiders and he did it the first day it's still your Richie clearly had a Blanton . Well that today in the month there was I just did that is doing today they'll but I think a big men I I just I just dead

  5. Tillman keeps Blanton winless


    Fri, 3 May 2013

    Chris Tillman outpitched Joe Blanton with eight scoreless innings of three-hit ball, right fielder Nick Markakis threw out Mike Trout at the plate, and the Baltimore Orioles beat the Los Angeles Angels 5-1 Thursday night.

  6. case anybody was happy well fellas yeah. The horse won for the first time we'll let them but he has no word it is just very Blanton . thankful for what he's. And so forty years ago making that gamble of this life and that you don't win all lane and one

  7. Smith: 'I'm ready for this'


    Wed, 13 Mar 2013

    All reflect that. Well follows his college. Alex played very good friend Mike and university you to. And so an Urban Meyer Blanton . And obviously news very productive player there's a chance in there in that follows career era. Then his time at San Francisco

  8. Angels quietly restocking after pitching losses


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    busy plugging holes and upgrading a bullpen that routinely surrendered leads last season. They introduced new pitchers Joe Blanton and Tommy Hanson on Wednesday, along with relievers Sean Burnett and Ryan Madson - both of whom are coming off surgery

  9. they're pitching is not that great so I don't think Joseph Blanton . And Jason Vargas and did the Angels are not the team to be ..... Because that's where there's that that you might have Blanton it if not there isn't a What do you stand up for the games

  10. second the Taking seven nothing lead to the half. Same score early in the fourth as the cats get it though Jackson ended Joseph Blanton gets great for a nice gain on the saint Ignatius It handed to Elijah the outstanding junior back graces towards the pylon

  11. today you know from our game. So you win the first game of the series you got two more left nice start to think about Joseph Blanton . You know I just I just got here I don't think about the going to be sticking it out sort of about what a good.

  12. Accurate and here in Philadelphia in the Giants dropped in the twelfth inning. And this game that started out with Blanton and Hedo. And I thought both those guys pitch pretty well considering. What is like trying to pitch in this ballpark in

  13. an organization I'll learn those. Negotiate with that negotiations. Are. Where. Hello can you know a long kind of let Blanton will likely sit I'm not take anything personal and I look at it doesn't. Did you move on their part not mean it is. That

  14. better be a golden bat that he's used after the contract he got yesterday he'll be up on the bump today. Taken on Joseph Blanton and the Phillies will have a Comcast sports net. Bay Area welcoming chronicle live I am Jim more on the docket here I'd

  15. Smart: 'We're not that far away'


    Fri, 6 Apr 2012

    guys you know didn't you know they could easily. But it just seemed more level so much more. Coach seems like Terrence. Blanton Chara playing on his what do you like about them in the end and the guards to set. Well one thing a player comes in he knows

  16. 1.30: A's FanFest -- Jonny Gomes


    Mon, 30 Jan 2012

    in with 31 in Tampa and I've had it all the way. And then Cincinnati knowing that it. In and when I was watching Joseph Blanton had it. Went there seems. me asking for it too much. Yeah it was a scene where where you. No no real reason you know it

  17. His training camp starts on Friday night and Along the players already out of the the practice only Blanton pick up and get ready for the sprint that would be the lockout shortened 56 game season. Yeah Warriors say they didn't support

  18. 8.15: Morning Minute


    Mon, 15 Aug 2011

    lose especially since. We came back. I here's what we afterwards and I don't sports bets after the Giants had to have Blanton take on the Braves we'll have a breakdown and analysis the eighth. Both the Orioles at the coliseum plus we will have updates

  19. that I brought tolerant Q well then maybe. And yeah. You already have. They make it an All they'll look over he felt Blanton . I don't. The question I. Well did our thing here. What about you about that. Atlanta. And I it. Yeah.

  20. 2.10: AT&T Pro-Am from Pebble Beach


    Fri, 11 Feb 2011

    of that just like talking to talk to us in the second inning with a currently you know. This is early we gotta go on keep Blanton and haven't on the school. And just as cool for Betancourt and Alameda native who grew up a Giants fan. And told me he