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3.24: A's spring training -- Jerry Blevins vs. Joey Devine

Fri, 7 Dec 2012|

Pitchers Dallas Braden and Joey Devine cleared outright waivers and elected free agency rather than accept an outright assignment to Triple-A.

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  1. 2.19: A's spring training -- Joey Devine

    Devine talks about the new faces in A's camp and the potential to close this season.

  2. 3.1: 1-on-1 with Joey Devine

    A's pitcher Devine joins Mychael Urban in Arizona.

  3. STA 2.23: Joey Devine and Andrew Bailey

    2009 season in his Atlanta area home recovering from Tommy John surgery spring training could not come fast enough for Joey DeVine I'm. I'm more need to be I'm ahead of schedule I think can now. Don't expecting just to reveal look. break

  4. 3.9: A's Injury Report- Justin Duchscherer and Joey Devine

    February 15 following back surgery. And you'll see this video nowhere else but Comcast sports staff ace reliever Joey DeVine threw thirty pitches through Davis you know we've got now. A huge step for after missing the entire 09 season recovering

  1. A's outright Braden and Devine to free agency


    Fri, 7 Dec 2012

    Pitchers Dallas Braden and Joey Devine cleared outright waivers and elected free agency rather than accept an outright assignment to Triple-A.

  2. three of those an early seven nothing. Ensuing possession for the wildcats on play action off with time a strong wrote Michael DeVine on one. That's good for a first down. Followed up by this injury Seles ran 83 yards more towards the courtside. We're

  3. and. And studying did record their first victory at the 2012 season on American soil but they did receive some bad is Joey DeVine will undergo surgery on his right elbow performed by doctor James Sanders. Tuesday in Florida. Regarding the coliseum

  4. thereabouts orange in point days. You know those are guys in the past we used to keep key outs we do have talented guys like DeVine and and Santos in and guys like that so we have several guys that are able to do it. Bob Melvin said he'll take its time

  5. 8.15: BAL/OAK postgame -- Bob Melvin


    Tue, 16 Aug 2011

    any situation like that how much your bullpen is a veteran guy like words and even you know Kelly is gone and just veteran DeVine was again it was yeah really it is and seventh innings Keenan. Typically. If that's the guy that's coming in just to bail

  6. 6.17: SFG/OAK postgame -- Bob Melvin


    Sat, 18 Jun 2011

    right back on it that really impressed me more than did tonight but certainly given us seven innings. You know we didn't have DeVine and night in and you know some makes the match will be difficult. Later on in the game that just isn't as stellar performance

  7. 6.15: KC/OAK postgame -- Bob Melvin


    Thu, 16 Jun 2011

    little bit of it falter. And Bob and that same inning when the run came in and He got runners on the corner it looked like DeVine was ready to come in but you stuck with Fuentes sung on the What was your thinking every attempted to go to line them. Either

  8. Conor Jackson, Joey Devine and Gio Gonzlez give their take on the sweeping loss to the Yankees.

  9. that take off that you win you know He has strong relievers coming out there it up. You know what they did a great job Joey DeVine who do you want to speak for him and and now my warts and all unbelievable these guys were. Working hard and doing a

  10. 5.22: OAK/SFG postgame -- Bob Geren


    Sun, 22 May 2011

    know best guys in the bullpen. A lot of kind of puts a little stress on them but. You know looks like now we've had Joey DeVine back a couple of things we piece right there. Hope to get Andrew back in those pieces to gets even more strength at

  11. for Trevor Cano. We felt like he made good pitches. Just. Not good enough obviously. rosters nice job. Josh not an injury DeVine back on the mound for the first time and alone time. And not super impressive either one of them some tutors Hampshire. These

  12. and you know I hope to learn a lot from him with him having experience coming into and our bullpen and the leader. And Joey DeVine also another guy who could potentially close you do have a lot of depth in the matchup games but you're going to be

  13. 1.24: Senior Bowl -- The weigh-in


    Mon, 24 Jan 2011

    and how much these guys away. A lot of times in the media guide to colleges. These numbers are inflated decent point. Noel DeVine at running back from West Virginia he's I put 880. but when he got up onstage he checked in at. I 7160. Miles difference

  14. were able that it to a throw. Henry Rodriguez in the steel. I think that's part of but I also think the return of Joey DeVine is. Actor and that's because combined with the closer type you know Andrew Bailey yeah it's pretty clear that the

  15. Jake's trainer but I do think he's gonna have fewer than 35 saves because of the condition. The return rather of Joey DeVine I think you know if you're coming out worn out as a little bit last year they used to more than you would like to use

  16. 3.10: Highlights- Raptors vs Kings


    Thu, 11 Mar 2010

    left the game is officially being listed as day to day we'll be joined in the through. Don't right hander reliever Joey DeVine was being shut down about a week because of soreness in his surgically repaired elbow. He underwent Tommy John surgery

  17. Minimum number of games this year and as his bullpen stays healthy. You know works in Fresno ziglar myself and and you got Joey DeVine coming back this year. That's going to be a semi tough day today get get some runs on the board com has on his offense

  18. 2.3: Sean Payton, RAW


    Thu, 4 Feb 2010

    motion landmarks snap count all those things factor in. Steve DeVine said that it was your persistence that in your first up statement ..... have to find one of those graduate assistant ships and Steve DeVine was at San Diego State he was the offensive line coach he was

  19. contact the last few weeks and he feels both physically and mentally very strong so I'm expecting good things for him Joey DeVine just talked to dramatic for young today. He's out tore off the mound today. And he feels as good as he can be after

  20. TKO TV Episode 2- Part 3


    Wed, 18 Nov 2009

    don't okay and what's government. It got your special right now really you know chicken and the Sox. So would that would DeVine is so got going he's man show. It is for inspired me so you exactly what right here. We own value besides. Won't let