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2.2: Mychael Urban -- MLB offseason's winners & losers



  1. Carl Crawford0:19, 0:55
  2. Jon Garland1:07
  3. Miguel Tejada1:09
  4. Boston Red Sox0:11, 1:17
  5. Oakland Athletics0:37
  6. Philadelphia Phillies0:28
  7. New York Yankees1:20
  8. the Yankees1:23
  9. Adrian Gonzales0:13, 1:05
  10. American League0:27, 1:02
Wed, 2 Feb 2011|

Is it really going to be an abysmal year in the Bronx? And why should the Giants and A's be smiling?


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Anytime you put together a list like this it's subjective it's open to debate and arguments so feel -- to get into it went all your friends but here the big winners. Of the offseason the Boston Red Sox you have to start there they got Adrian Gonzales nobody thought they were even in that trade market. He's gonna have big time puck that liner and then Carl Crawford nobody thought that he was on their radar either he's a huge addition to that offense. Great pitching staff -- the front runner in the American League the Philadelphia Phillies just on the strength of adding Cliff -- You that what most people think it's the top rotation in all of baseball they're another huge winner and also locally the Oakland Athletics. They needed that offense they did that by adding dejesus. Matsui and Willingham and then they wind strengthened the strength and adding a bunch of guys to their bullpen those have been three winners of the offseason. As far as the losers go it's good news for both the Giants and the days when the losers is the Angels they were certain -- -- -- -- Carl Crawford. They did not they were certain -- going to be able to fortify their opposite. They did not they took a step back and the American League west in the National League west. The Padres lost Adrian Gonzales they lost Jon Garland they lost Miguel Tejada three big factors and their stretch run last season. That's gonna help the dirt and their defense and then another loss it's going to be good for the Boston Red Sox and really -- fans all across baseball anytime the New York Yankees are losers. A lot of people are happy the Yankees have -- pitching that's -- Costa last year they did nothing to address this any team that's relying. I'm Andy Pettitte who no longer an -- It's going to be in a bit lawyer in the Bronx.

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  20. back. and drug ago. He's basically what it is and obviously it's adequately put. That's because. We're on sinker Garland and make sure it will constantly from was Just run of success. But partly because ultimately I've known him. The transition