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Gomes: 'You can hit me four times if we win'

Sat, 18 May 2013|

The Phillies saw a familiar face -- Jonathan Broxton -- in the eighth inning and scored two runs with him on the hill in a 5-3 win over the Reds.

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    After hitting the go-ahead home run off Jonathan Broxton , Pat Burrell talks about the Giants' win over the Dodgers.

  2. Baggarly: 'The Giants have liked Pence for long time. He's not a rental'

    saving did mention that the team high to try to get a relief pitcher and it could have been. Jonathan Broxton now I'm told that they were in on Broxton almost to the end before he was traded to the Cincinnati Reds they also according to reports

  3. Baggs: 'Giants limped through, yet somehow survived'

    probably thinking about. By pitching areas with the base open was it look I don't want to load the bases have Jonathan Broxton guys sometimes has trouble throwing strikes. no place to put the next batter in. Response he did say he would have

  4. 10.8 ATL/SFG NLDS Game 2 Postgame- Kruk and Kuip

    time and time again and you I go back to the signature game for me was the lottery home run in Los Angeles offered Jonathan . Broxton and I came back from but it this team has been down this team battles that you know you're gonna get that no matter

  1. mean there are some times where it guys get grooved in the one side and their uncomfortable going back to the other side. Broxton not that not that case. Like the right side more so I mean like the left more so than the right. It's different everybody

  2. Phillies fight back in wild eighth inning to top Reds


    Sat, 18 May 2013

    The Phillies saw a familiar face -- Jonathan Broxton -- in the eighth inning and scored two runs with him on the hill in a 5-3 win over the Reds.

  3. a second inning. No because. You know I mean potentially. You know we have three more chances to play. You know. Think Broxton was almost. And it's easy to look back mounds yeah you. Put him out there You know he wouldn't be good tomorrow. To

  4. us I think they have good defense and in good starting pitching. Really get back into the bullpen thing with Marshall and Broxton . enemies have. You know that there so I think that for me. Their power and their offense obviously throughout I think we

  5. he gets a hit in his first of battle and until it's still. But hits it hit so I I really like his at bat against Jonathan Broxton your guys on nine and I'm miles an hour nasty sliders and regular with so I thought all in all the other really

  6. 10.17: SFG/PHI NLCS- Charlie Manuel


    Mon, 18 Oct 2010

    set until MP when he got to hit. But until lumping us and I hope he brings fastball down and they don't fastball dislike Broxton last year. A he's got a good chance they you go ask you almost had the same kind of hit. Mentally I had eleven and a lot

  7. 9.21: Chronicle Live- The League


    Wed, 22 Sep 2010

    under an upset refers to himself only as Broxton obviously he has bill the lawyer he ..... think pretty good. I hear he's. Yeah. Broxton . Last year that you people who never ..... either hug on Terry's Heyward thing. Oh Broxton steals in front are ever out picked up

  8. 7.20: SFG/LAD Postgame- Bruce Bochy


    Wed, 21 Jul 2010

    he came back was pitcher to say one last thing that constituted the second. Trip he had to come out of the game is pitcher Broxton about the game. It was to for the technicality. And we understand this is that the first that it has happened with you and