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8.17: Jose Canseco signs minor league deal

Mon, 30 Sep 2013|

Former MLB player Jose Canseco knows exactly what to do with the Chicago Cubs, apparently. Canseco tweeted after Dale Sveum's firing suggesting moves for Theo Epstein.

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  1. 7.10: Jose Canseco Back in the Ring

    Jose Canseco took on zero Hogan prior to unbeaten top Minor League Baseball game. And lots of doesn't fit the mood for. Heavier than the former College Baseball post unfortunate round judges scored thirty kind of.

  2. 6.24: Jose Canseco - "I wasn't invited"

    Canseco claims he was not invited to the '89 reunion.

  3. 6.24: Jose Canseco responds to Lansford

    In responding to Carney Lansford's comments that he "ruined lives," Jose Canseco responds by saying the only life he ruined was is his own.

  4. 6.24: Jose Canseco has no relationship with MLB

    Canseco says nobody in or around baseball can communicate with him.

  1. Jose Canseco believes he can fix Cubs


    Mon, 30 Sep 2013

    Former MLB player Jose Canseco knows exactly what to do with the Chicago Cubs, apparently. Canseco tweeted after Dale Sveum's firing suggesting moves for Theo Epstein.

  2. honestly can't you know it's it's it's an event happens to him not being out there and tired of coaching where your I am. Canseco movement a minute ago and now it's it's it's on these guys whenever they feel like it's I'm ready to go and do safe

  3. Biz Ball Insider Andy Dolich on YSTL


    Thu, 18 Jul 2013

    coincidentally. He hit home runs no we're doing it specifically to see him bombing. Shots into the east bay we did it when we had Canseco and McGwire did with the guys. More people came to batting practice and are coming in is games now so the but seeing this

  4. Las Vegas police clear Canseco in sex assault case


    Fri, 7 Jun 2013

    Jose Canseco said he took and passed polygraph tests in Dallas and Las Vegas to show he was telling the truth.

  5. Jose Canseco accused of sexual assault in Vegas


    Wed, 22 May 2013

    Las Vegas police are investigating a woman's allegations that former Oakland A's OF Jose Canseco sexually assaulted her.

  6. used to follow who is a one that you grew audobin. Oh man Canseco was was definitely big I was a catcher when I played so. Terry ..... yeah likes it I chased down I got the best autograph such down Canseco and red Ferrari with us to drive them. the Luis Polonia actually

  7. 7.29: Chronicle Live -- Rebelution


    Fri, 29 Jul 2011

    are days not so much is mainly mainly Giants or you know based and got us. You like the when they had Jose yeah love Jose Canseco we we love the Bay Area and you gotta love every team in the you know got a favorite teams and parent so Eric how are

  8. Eagles Sixers took and then. And I would if I had to pick a guy that had come through before it really didn't Thomas McGwire Canseco because. Now many people can that area. But it just so you know all night so it's. This just hope will be to keep it up

  9. is. Yeah talks to anybody rant. Anybody just to talk about. What you might be doing. An honest. I don't know I mean. Canseco there. There is pretty momentous time. And it's working right now. Physically on over. Yeah I did. Is looking forward

  10. big fan of the Oakland a's are they the late eighties in the early the so called bash Brothers that Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco what was the reason you wanted to sign with the openings. And we're not. Okay. Okay. Early on and in the offseason

  11. a good offensive players with a good defense of players admit you find a way to win a game case marks Warriors a rough one Canseco they lose by nine a lot of negated that on chronicle I think I'm very poor first quarter. Fell behind 29 tonight played

  12. 11.10: Scott Reiss Video Blog


    Tue, 9 Nov 2010

    the Big Apple. Well that's baseball goodness these guys in the deal the days. Did not involve the very Zito over Jose Canseco or any an ideal time but it doesn't back involved in the now. Kansas City Royals didn't aces comes over Oakland

  13. time the topic is steroids comes up men over the Tony Mandarin action taken a big needle in your butt and Mark McGwire Jose Canseco install for Oakland. We're not talking about that right. Now there's some could argue that should be a lot but

  14. publicity this schism you know something that it is doing because he's desperate for money. You know we've seen Jose Canseco do that quite frankly it's a publicity issue for sure. You're different. Followed a lot of different now than

  15. 11.17: Andrew Bailey with Greg Papa


    Tue, 17 Nov 2009

    The athletics have now won seven that American League rookie of the year awards the trilogy in the mid and late eighties Canseco McGwire wise than a decade later. Is smooth swing to Ben grieve got one and 98 and now they've won three. The last six

  16. Your element about the job back and forth between Burton Jose Canseco party saying that they had showed up. Even less guys ..... sure there's a lot of people that are angry. With Jose Canseco but for me I understand I mean like that you know for

  17. the most out of me to think about it we got they've probably got a bit of him just in time back. It's more than Jose Canseco back in those here there's only guys you know Dave Stewart went twenty games you know the pitching staff was just

  18. key to at all. Of course me being there the smiling keeping everything in order in the outfield because. You don't Rickey Canseco they'd wonder renowned but you gotta have somebody. That the glued keep everybody on the right page and that was me and

  19. Carney Lansford on Jose Canseco


    Tue, 23 Jun 2009

    Lansford says he couldn't do what Canseco did.

  20. Carney Lansford on the '89 A's


    Tue, 23 Jun 2009

    Tankersley I think in 87 but then bring over Bobby Welch and kind of cut. And blended them with great young players and McGwire and Canseco and Weis and those guys can you go. It was a great analyst everybody seemed to have a career that you include. Well I I always