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A's Preview- Friday, August 14

Sun, 20 Oct 2013|

The Chicago White Sox have become a sort of haven for Cuban players with Jose Abreu joining notable countrymen like Minnie Minoso, Alexei Ramirez, Dayan Viciedo and Jose Contreras.

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  1. CSN Look Ahead for Thursday, August 13

    followed it. Back in the east bay the take off a weekend set against the Chicago White Sox simply Brett Anderson against Jose Contreras . Anderson is 41 in his last eight starts. And he's lowered his ERA from five point seven down to four point 22

  2. CSN Look Ahead for Friday, August 14

    weekend series with the Giants Sox Brett Anderson trying to improve to eight made on the season. We'll go up against Jose Contreras this has been. from Bay Area sports that central look ahead. looking at the sports that's that's three times

  3. 9.10: CSN Look Ahead, September 10th

    the Giants by four games in the wild cards the Rockies have won the first three games this series against the red Jose Contreras makes his second start with the Rockies. He won his debut on Saturday going six and two thirds allowing just one

  1. Abreu joins long list of Cubans with White Sox ties


    Sun, 20 Oct 2013

    The Chicago White Sox have become a sort of haven for Cuban players with Jose Abreu joining notable countrymen like Minnie Minoso, Alexei Ramirez, Dayan Viciedo and Jose Contreras .

  2. How minor leaguers live


    Tue, 30 Jul 2013

    the from Lexus is the big league You go through this bad you walk off is good. It doesn't interested. There are allowed contreras . So. Corner that's. If ever you'll find his hand and strips it we'll all of this. Determine whether I have a disease

  3. what I had to do did but it like yeah. Do you do with it fresh in your mind the last outing at once 68 against suffered a contreras was bigger fighter of their opponent. And you weren't able to finish him off it did you feel like coming in this fight

  4. Sox sign Contreras , Lyon to minor league deals


    Fri, 19 Jul 2013

    The Red Sox signed veteran pitchers Jose Contreras and Brandon Lyon to minor league contracts and as a result made Alfredo Aceves inactive.

  5. Early notes: Sox add relievers to build depth


    Fri, 19 Jul 2013

    The Red Sox sign veteran pitchers Jose Contreras and Brandon Lyon in an effort to bolster their pitching options.

  6. into world championships and in three years. I'm you have an idea what you're doing so as a player just kind of sit back contreras and what he does on the and then just go out you go out there and play baseball about nothing else. To be around folks really

  7. Teams playing very good football. I think there's. No. Contreras improved team. To like there were very good job. As we know. What challenges victory. Last. New challenges. What's can

  8. you know Hopefully. You. throws more good. Contreras is Kitchens repaired this up to. In America. To live. And it. You know wherever we experience. it. The point where just get

  9. know decision. Curtis. I'm not sure what to it doesn't pan out as they learn to disable it. You know that's not a good guy expected them contreras right now so movie you know. It'd be good I was and in the next couple weeks.

  10. what is possibly the only match for on the since June. So you know we're we're getting that point in the coaches and it is go to playbook and make sure sticks with us and contreras was really important. put it together and out there.

  11. 2.3: The Lunch Box -- Drew Gooden


    Fri, 3 Feb 2012

    Revealed a a good. Is gumbo. Seafood Source. We'll be too should score. I must sit there artists will be back drained from contreras did. 01. This stick to time say. To everybody in the Bay Area I love you guys without the community. I cannot be the first

  12. 8.30: CHC/SFG pregame -- Bruce Bochy


    Tue, 30 Aug 2011

    world status. He's. Taken BP here. It's hit left hander who do you nervous and see different pitches and we do it's contreras would be career and it. Certainly lose at the moment for scenario. This team. He's beaten path. Well He could be playing

  13. Or I. Maybe it better fit for this very well you know it's a give and take you know you. wanna be aggressive and then. Contreras pitch count means goes both ways you know. You know we displayed early we the ball in play and on the ground. We took first

  14. hit the beauty of the you these guys that you could roll that it. Are so that they did that this is media escape from out contreras and your company to this tried California but also. Puts but I do wanna look at John dolls of the lead athlete to. To chronicle

  15. 3.16: Shark Byte -- The New Guys


    Thu, 17 Mar 2011

    Carolina. Under these rules puck mover. Very competitive. Physically it's a tough guy not pick but he he competes. Hard contreras to get here nor owner isn't here You know pride these games into the offensive zone and as long term offensively and has

  16. those doing the applause from the distortions of hopefully get a handle our situation and I don't stop they got the look of contreras who would have thought that shot the last guy did his job but never quite enough. Sometimes. You can never figure of a miracle

  17. between innings and then once you've got to sixteen and I took him out. Thinking of good decisions or. Is that why you had contreras warming up for the fifth and then go to and considering that how would you rate this performance but I Ellis. Thank you don

  18. from walker treacherous in the Clint Eastwood the state about contreras in the the Morris Brothers frank more so much one point two ..... sort of traveling with Kia every that she's slim profile contreras is different because the tide and current and so. You know

  19. 12.3: Greg Manusky, RAW


    Thu, 3 Dec 2009

    swarming it's always better. That. I think sometimes you do. You know you gotta beat on him and you wanna go out there and contreras ms. hardy can't. And sometimes you get a break down and let the posse com and and other times I think it's you know

  20. collectively be put it together and that's it you know this a week course to. Good together. What they've across different you know myself Tommy Kelly you know end. Contreras got you know everybody we all put together it's. A good.