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5.3: Mychael Urban on the Giants interest in Jose Reyes.

Tue, 19 Mar 2013|

Moises Sierra hits a tying RBI double in the fifth, Jose Reyes adds a go-ahead single two batters later, and the Dominican Republic beats The Netherlands, 4-1.

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  1. 5.4: Jose Reyes on the rumors the Giants are interested in him. *Video Courtesy SNY*

    Reyes is just focused on the things he can control -- playing baseball.

  2. 7.13: Jose Reyes and his sunglasses address the media

    Jose Reyes is one of the many ballplayers who opted wear sunglasses for player availability. Thoughts?

  3. 4.21: Chronicle Live -- Jerry Manuel

    sort of got some good players that Jose Reyes is a good player David a couple ..... do wanna get your thoughts about Jose Reyes and before before I want to show ..... think the best baseball is ahead of Jose Reyes I think Jose is a stallion at

  4. Baggarly and Bach preview the Giants' 2012 season

    having better at best for the end but he's a guy who they hope to get on base and he's learned a lot from playing with Jose Reyes with the New York Mets he wants to beat. Kind of presence. Leadoff hitter that speed that some unexpected speed that

  1. What do you like best about the defense sit up there tonight it all my life that we stayed on Reyes know throughout the whole game updates you know last week we. No little complacent with a score of other guys comeback and this

  2. some condition and an even though the people were able to take a look at it. We got some running in and we are did doubtful Reyes is he's so it's just do need this when it's. Just continue to work on our rhythm. Offensively defensively. Understand

  3. We'll see come out of practice. Wasn't as bad not like you don't think that. Hitting I was really is more decided Reyes for the events ago I go to DelHomme wanted the game. Good kid seems chicken so there wasn't. Anything too crazy. And they

  4. Yeah. Yeah. I never like fools. Sprint race sessions and much. But it hasn't really hit me. My rebounding advantage. live off he has more of this film. We'll sit the green It's a dark green they're ready when I'm. His home in the background. Heavy handed. Think that I was really doesn't care about

  5. Around the AL East


    Sat, 13 Apr 2013

    Blue Jays get bad news on Reyes ' injury.

  6. Blue Jays lose Reyes for at least month


    Sat, 13 Apr 2013

    Toronto's star shortstop hurts his ankle on a slide.

  7. Domincan Republic wins, advances to finals of WBC


    Tue, 19 Mar 2013

    Moises Sierra hits a tying RBI double in the fifth, Jose Reyes adds a go-ahead single two batters later, and the Dominican Republic beats The Netherlands, 4-1.

  8. Jays' Reyes eager to take on Yankees


    Fri, 8 Mar 2013

    Shortstop has been in Subway Series, but now it will be an AL East challenge.

  9. Pryor, Raiders preparing for Chargers' red-hot pass rush


    Sat, 29 Dec 2012

    Terrelle Pryor and the Raiders will have their hands full slowing down Kendall Reyes and the sack-happy Chargers Sunday.

  10. HIGHLIGHTS -- Clippers 116, Kings 81


    Sun, 2 Dec 2012

    Clippers led by 29 at the half second half. Paul yeah. Go ahead and get the rebound and feed Jordan put that you hole or Reyes back. And why you added back did you throw it down left and hit some. I think he's been here one way or another Jason Johnson

  11. And these guys feel the same exact way they got similar stories. Count it out undersized and overmatched. Put something on Reyes out of refused. To surrender. And when you when you refused to surrender. You can manifest. Some some some pretty good results

  12. moment you know kid went to a Warriors game. Go to forty niners game you support all the local team. In I say we've from the Reyes . When. One obvious thing you know. Lewis bookings the so without disclosures. What he's. If you were football where Pablo

  13. confidence in every single one of them especially you know he. Bogeys coming out you know pretty solid last and this season for Reyes is pretty strong. He threw a presence and see us I mean many crucial game twos. Here we are and of the game is big for us

  14. NorCal Boxing weekend wrap


    Sun, 26 Aug 2012

    for. We're night and I stay. And now. Mean there. And it didn't work everything. And. Here. Maybe third fight with Reyes I would like to step up. Competition as far as media top twenty contender bit of collective. Congratulations on the victory

  15. 106 - Dominyque and Kewshaw


    Mon, 16 Jul 2012

    Warriors had the lead. Fourth quarter. Brandon Harris drives since it hit the agent that I'm very. Surprised they gain that. Reyes to it then it's his play. That's the crisis. Turn Red find so I'm hitting the flyers weren't in about. It Netherlands

  16. Welcome the weekend everybody I Jim Cozumel this is our senior or insider ray rattle and Reyes is a special day you know why. I give up one because. It's brought to the that this rip has brought to us by big time bats

  17. John. It is very nice the first time in Mets in Mets history how close are what guys it. This is just kind of like Jose Reyes always happy Q&A great energy and thousand's and that's always something you need. Aside team is like that when

  18. swung the bats better. But the Giants open a four game weekend set in Miami later this afternoon AJ got a Ozzie Guillen Jose Reyes and the new look Marlins red hot right Ryan signed takes the mound for San Francisco he's looking for his third win

  19. getting closer who ever. Won't exceed ten and got two Cy Young under his belt when. He's a phenomenal pitcher here is Reyes . I don't think there's anything wrong. My pitching coach and not. A life coach or anything. I don't think I can

  20. It's just tries to do it's that's that's the nature of this business. But the team is moving up into the area. big Reyes would do that so. You know all that is a good strategy all of this all of it and forces. Where it unfolds. We'll find guys