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1.19: 1-on-1 with Josh Outman

Sun, 28 Aug 2011|

Outman is very happy with his bounceback performance at Fenway and stayed mentally ready to pitch.


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I'm really happy. Obviously left them here and there are so -- so it's. Thanks -- to come out strong outing. You know with the -- away. It's illness in the in the bullpen that's part of being able and -- strengths and completely. The three ball and they -- -- The slider to lefties primarily. And assessment -- on on both sides of the plate so. And that makes you feel like Pete you know wasn't playable. It was -- actually wasn't that -- -- can run the city got worse. -- so service so that long ago. -- about what -- went down. And aren't all those little -- in my hand that it's. It's good to go. It was some never. I am personally have never seen that -- come down and still play through nine games so. You -- you know they can do it here then. -- well it.

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    I don't know I don't think there's. Humans as good it's. You know it is doing better. Well. That. And games And just when things. The command back. They haven't. I don't know I have no I I felt that Yeah. The limited time. You know. It's who's hosting this it's gonna click you know whenever he does

  1. Outman is very happy with his bounceback performance at Fenway and stayed mentally ready to pitch.

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    However I'm Andy your morning minute it's the morning after the longest day of the year that's great news for Calvin not so much for the Giants the Bears topped Texas and to keep their improbable run alive in the college World Series. They will play another elimination game Thursday against

  4. I did not know. I didn't know before BP though there's still matter and we're going out and make sure that I. Didn't want to continue. Kind of been foolhardy for me and doing that word and not if years. What you can't and what they've done. they were the the alternate jerseys before and I know a

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  6. CSN Bay Area back count I did graduate your morning minute let's start in Arizona where the Giants enjoy a cushion. Atop the NL west that they Fifth straight win over the Arizona Diamondbacks the latest coming on Wednesday night fives still played pretty big game for Bill Hall who. the teams go

  7. Just wasn't meant strike zone Thelma and these teams holed. Good hitters. Can you can have success in this Much. Fine physically mentally I felt fine and just. Went out and didn't didn't perform and I thought I had a good bullpen session before the game news. Fastballs down saying it was it was.

  8. And hopefully myself into hands. The walk sir inning and you come back commanders. exhibited an issue but I was able to work some Kansas and go is nice benefits. So that's a plus and you know really just need to you know keep working and hopefully Q school better with the pick and next time it.

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    And you know and stuff like this it's usually a guy feels something pop whatever idea I never felt the pitch you know the season were it new wind. You know I had had some stiffness no tightness you know dating back couple weeks ago but. Still even in my game I didn't really have any pain in it and

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    Have the confidence of this ballclub leaving with this week and to head on the I think it is that confidence is really high you know with. The hitters going the way they are and Jack Cust has been consistently driving in runs and all the guys form getting in getting on the bases. You know it's just

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    I know it feels good. I haven't. Really had much pain and and since that day after came out of the game in San Diego. You know it. You know it's sprained UCL on the MRI is. You know to what extent I'm not really share. And the on them wanted to see doctor Andrews in Birmingham. And get a second