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12.24: Mychael Urban on Justin Duchscherer



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Sun, 30 May 2010|

Ray and Glen break down the A's 10-2 loss to the Tigers on Sunday afternoon.


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But today here at Comerica Park -- beautiful afternoon for baseball but too much Detroit Tigers ten to is the final so VA's. Four game winning streak comes to a close and they are not 27 and 24 on the year. And I thought early you could -- bills great was struggling they were swinging early in the count. And we got some runs early and then Max Scherzer took over -- you could tell right away his stuff was good Max Scherzer and took striking out fourteen. In five and two thirds innings. That says a lot about a pitcher -- you look at the numbers you see one and born 729 earned run average. But Baxter that to start to AAA. And it was brought a high fastball quite see it that gets the help of the game businesses. -- -- -- -- -- but he definitely got some help from Wally bell but get the credit to -- it because he threw the fans want to as the ducks beat the Braves. -- -- -- the fourteen batters and and -- for Dallas Braden six innings. Every inning at the leadoff runner on base five of those innings the Tigers would score so having faced the Tigers just a couple of starts ago. No doubt the Tigers were looking -- maybe some video some patterns that Dallas Braden had used against them and in open when he went six shutout innings. Lot of change ups early but today Dallas looked like you try to mix it up a little bit but the Tigers were about missing early and again credit to the targets for this game today because here's a that it did some run support and it took advantage for that. One on Joel Zumaya ended the game with a strikeout of Eric Patterson so he's -- struck out seventeen times on the days so that is. That's -- A lot of strikeouts send out out of warm days electoral Brees ever wants a lot of that saw a lot of swing goodness it was a few. Called strike outs but -- played -- four game winning streak coming into this afternoon's game and but they know tomorrow they're going to be facing -- bad Verlander this series finale. Is hope for a good start by Trevor Cahill who has been pitching very well he's. Now in the rotation for good with Justin Duchscherer won a disabled list so that DA's have to try to win the series they've won the first series of the road trip. But along time since they've done that on the road try to win tomorrow and headed to Boston with a couple series went to the torture.

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  2. of the land. Which human growth hormone if I went to doctor Tony instead of like a little problem bridled at the and I we Duchscherer he could just subscribe for me. Human growth hormone right now yes legally say illegally you could do that. At any anti

  3. night in extra innings got the game winner and of course the big blow for him tonight. In the three run home run Justin Duchscherer will start tomorrow game two of the three game series should be up to Duke. To halt this little three game losing

  4. After the game did you talk to reporters that he thought his confident relaxed in his previous start at. Bowden Thursday's game is identical to what he felt he. Right now that eventually required surgery to repair. It sure is scheduled to have an MRI this very disappointing because pitcher is

  5. outstanding and Brett Anderson goes on the disabled list and Justin Duchscherer live being there. I'm surprised he's stayed in ..... but didn't settle for millions of getting the win Duchscherer takes losses were. A tough road trips so far for

  6. You almost think wanted to other personal. Talk about it would which could swear we're the fans were ordered to you. I don't know that anything was really working. And I felt like I was just battle and then you feel like you had the Saints and Detroit here right back and regroup gather for a couple

  7. As a superb outing us and command all his pitches his pitch count was low. Very efficiently than it did is his command was. And about as good as you get outstanding.

  8. Oh yeah that's definitely good positive game to build on the. Pleased with how things weren't so many people that this is the games. Back healthy to decide that yeah I felt good the only problem I had a little bit once the cold weather you know the last inning no longer an article right. Yeah

  9. couple weeks later you let it develop BC that he got Jack Cust for half of what he would have to pay an they brought him back Duchscherer they brought him back at Coco Crisp added Kevin Kouzmanoff who lost we got they they made the trade. For Micah Taylor got

  10. it is natural for them so what if. Obviously commander's key for any pitcher when your best command pitchers Justin Duchscherer who sometimes you know goes the self deprecating rounds as he doesn't have great stuff. He just commands and

  11. On the we're raising Arizona two weeks out from opening day and Justin Duchscherer says he's ready on the same day that made his points and cactus league debut against the Mariners some fun in the sun in the

  12. before the season starts going to play the over under game with. Michael and rain let's start with Ben Sheets and Justin Duchscherer forty starts combined over under for Over I think she would lose And the big question health of their baseman Eric

  13. gonna cash in free agency again next year he starts opening night. Yeah no there's no question about it even if Justin Duchscherer is healthy Ben Sheets four time all star Justin two time all star. You gotta go with the star power and that that

  14. Greg you off an injury alert Arizona where the only ones who can bring it to the Duke is on the mound. Justin Duchscherer threw thirty pitches off the mound this morning. First time through through off the mound since February 15 following

  15. so along with a healthy Chavez and Allison all the guys in Duchscherer back so that'll be it's a fun clubhouse Sharon and us ..... thick of things you know I guess and afford sheets and and Duchscherer got along with Dallas and I'm Brett Anderson those four

  16. Saturday. There's also some bright news regarding Justin Duchscherer . The all star pitcher is throwing again only two ..... procedure to treat an inflamed nerve in his lower back. Duchscherer took part in catch during 35 times and eighty feet

  17. about pitching yesterday kind of good news and bad news good news from Ben Sheets but what exactly is going on with Justin Duchscherer . I would just has had a little bit avail a problem and his is SI joint I guess is what they call it. He had a

  18. 2.20: Meet New A's Pitcher Ben Sheets


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    re gonna. Do we need to do and hopefully everything pays off in the end with yourself and the coming back and Justin Duchscherer dissertation goes from very young went to two very needed veterans. He continued team you're coming off injury

  19. It should just got done talking Eric Chavez Justin Duchscherer Dallas Braden mark Dell Harris and ability all sorts of people not all on the flip camp. That stuck in the first evidently the

  20. Sheets gets fans excited it takes some pressure off of Justin Duchscherer having to be the leader. Of that young staff and ..... thirteen five last year Casey Pratt. Bringing back Duchscherer for dirt cheap it looked great in his rehab starts