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Kruk & Kuip: 'It's tough to watch good pitching go down the drain'



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Sun, 17 Jun 2012|

Kruk and Kuip analyze the Giants' disappointing 2-1 loss to the Mariners, and rave about Madison Bumgarner.


Machine Generated Transcript

Well back here in Seattle. Another afternoon a lot of Giants fans here and they were disappointed. Because -- close ball game this was a 11 game. Going into the ninth inning in the ninth inning obviously -- a difference in this game the Giants had an opportunity to score and they didn't. The Mariners had an opportunity story and they did that he is the Giants stranded well. Well and hey you know -- -- -- that showcase two with a really good young pitchers of today's audience these games Felix Hernandez that. King Felix -- -- in Seattle just a brilliant day and really I thought he was out pitched by the best -- -- who allowed just three hits and we didn't he was. Outstanding plus he's pitched through it apart change. And then had to deal with two different strike zones it you know -- let that be -- distraction with the player of the game. Justin Smoak who do with the glove tremendous defensive player that the that Giants. Oh definitely the game that comes up with a base with a base currently basically what the ball game so. You know it's tough to watch that much good pitching go down the drain but you do have to tip your cap with the Bears up played it when it. Came down to crunch time.