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Poole: With Bogut, Warriors are championship contender



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Fri, 25 Oct 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Change your ball get the Warriors have agreed on a contract extension multiple reports put the number three years the number of millions at 36. Bogut will be able to make more than sentences welts that are would've been a free agent. At the end of the season. That's what that are Warriors insider now Monte Poole on the telephone Monty -- initial thoughts on the extension for the center. What we've known for a little bit of time now that this is in the works of both sides were actually doing that. Bogut has said all along that he wanted to wanted to play through the Warriors like -- they believe you felt the and there was a question of if what they could agree on the -- And -- at the beginning that you know what I understand that blood for definite -- thought that they thought. And play obviously it's going to be one of the incident that support of this contract. So money in the offseason look at it trading possibly -- ball to get ready and bring in Dwight Howard and on the block them up for three more years in the future what's changed in just this 32 short months. Well you know what I'm not so sure they were that close on Dwight Howard. Picture they were close but to build a good that they were close. But Bob Myers and equipment hopes they would like -- have been so I think that it may have had some of them. -- hurt getting over that but by and large it would take where they have a -- they like if you commit. Think Monty real quick here how big is Andrew Bogut to the future success of this team is he right behind south Seth Curry is the guy and the lawyers do they need to -- for championship. Yes second most important player the -- because. -- the rim protector in the quarters realize that they can't be a championship level contender the last they have somewhat to defend the rim let them play defense. Bogut of the anchored at the -- view the one guy they have. One big if they have they know they can trust on the defensive end if -- LP. He had to pick up by Kerry Wood right there what the white are marked default. Both guys so. If you all of back -- they can make really can be potential championship contender.

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