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7.20: BOS/OAK Postgame- Kevin Kouzmanoff



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Tue, 7 Jun 2011|

Glen and Ray break down Gio Gonzalez's outing against the Orioles.


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-- I think it at this point when you're in a losing streak in -- and everything is so magnified to really struck me. Every mistake you make it caution and today Q was a little shaky early He was terrific as He settled down. But to at this point when you're when you're in a losing streak you just can't make it a mistake. But I think what the pitchers are doing the starters have done such a great job all season David GO. Retired his last eleven that He faced tonight is just that He struggled early first couple of innings and -- nobody's trying to put up zeros because the offense really has not been there. For him throughout the season and this is a surprising pitching. Three very good curve ball to grow in the first inning. So the fans what they got the base hit but then in the second inning. It just did not work well for him but after that settled down started throw some great pitches the pitches that were accustomed to -- And I think it just took up a little bit of time coming out of the bullpen to get settled in and for whatever reason we don't know maybe a little bit added pressure again just because he's trying to help the a's in a losing streak but. There's no doubt what the -- need to do right now is when McCain because. The longer you let losing streak all the hard it is the more pressure putter gets up to try to do things that normally you don't even think about doing and that. You stand what is try to score some runs to get that on the pitching good pitching and and that it isn't the losing streak events so the Dodgers try to do tomorrow night because if that did happen and I. And the Orioles open was terrific He retired everybody they've they've faced. You aren't Johnson Greg eleven guys. Eleven up to eleven down so that was a big story is well these. Where they were close at fortitude that open never gave them a chance they need allow these -- Good news though Adam Rosales is back in a two run home run like to see his and energy and that we hope Mark Ellis is OK after -- because of the strained. Hamstring I think was the races size or the base in his first at -- so cup for the new guys up and now we we heard there are going to be some changes. It another going to be. These changes but that we've expected out of results to come back but I think Kevin Kouzmanoff was shocked for himself as well as everybody else but. The -- just try to do some things to find a way to win some games because. The expectations start of the season run a lot more a lot better than what the -- -- today.

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  1. the table. I think the medical staff there. It's a great job of you know holding me back and you know they should do my Kouzmanoff was my opinion I was just you know. Daddy tell my head and walked back out there and they did schedules this well did you

  2. lot of would be your first. Deep without opera lost out of that you know it hasn't happened yet every conversation and Kouzmanoff . And and I mean I mean. Lose or draw He. Shares the one we expect to. When you were jittery as you have expectation of

  3. question it. Boy you know you know not only that but now you're seeing the injuries and players coming up Sizemore comes up. Kouzmanoff goes down it Ellis is on the disabled list weeks comes up so. Instead of having the lineup that everybody expected to see

  4. changes. It another going to be. These changes but that we've expected out of results to come back but I think Kevin Kouzmanoff was shocked for himself as well as everybody else but. The just try to do some things to find a way to win some games

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  12. do show But yeah hey I follow the violence era. There captivating to earn respect lobsters and that's your squad right Kouzmanoff . Gone. You wrote a story the other day that. Since Miguel Tejada is turning a hundred next week that they might wanna look

  13. ball outs but then all of a sudden. It just fell apart and sometimes aggressiveness of infielders in the case of Kevin Kouzmanoff in front of panicked and that I was going to be an out. All of sudden opened up to be two runs and who knows how

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  20. Jackson shadows Kouzmanoff at third during pregame warmups on Friday.