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McFadden on Reece: 'Marcel is a very versatile guy'



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Tue, 13 Aug 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Well first -- think -- fact that. -- told me these guys -- sister doing in your -- together like that. No we -- like having interview that go make him look fine it's about Kevin Slowey out here so we become an interview and get it done together you can look around have a good time and you know get a lot accomplished in you get a lot of good information from both of us. -- is also because you guys really that close. Did not then -- -- -- moved into came in together our rookie year so you know we -- we've been cool you know. Mean in the same backfield just Greg -- we have built. You raved about Reese's skill set can you could just talk about what he brings to the Philly media like if you kind of excited against. You know more -- the very versatile guy he can play anything not -- play pretty much their positions the legacy of elaborate. Unknown just Venus did guys that yet -- split out wide and moon -- doesn't. When they're picking up blouse I do run and about wood over own coaches come upon Billy does a great. When Greg Olsen came in he also raved about you know being excited coach a player like Marcelo do you expect. Feel his reps didn't panic just for him to be utilized a whole lot more this year. You know off the latest hockey codes and want to do get there on to the bottom and that are playmakers on -- one not -- blaming -- things. Was it went for the block him Latin. How much will that help you obviously limping and alleviate some -- workload because he's been. Dolphins have been surrounded you know by you think you were drafted in two -- That is something they've been going on you know just in the bottom marks the last thing you guys don't care you know whether it's a little low and I'm -- I don't know. You know woman out there and it was supposed to do on the field. And would you consider him I -- the X factors -- -- be surprised with. Well we'll see on film from -- ship them home. Think you'll be surprised -- you know he's done so he we can do out on the field it's always about the team you do then you keep doing what I have been doing. You generate little bit nationally. Yeah don't let go if you restrict no way decent day sitting alone he's a great player when he got there are -- not a great he's -- Pro Bowl last year or so. -- let -- -- in Wrigley issues that come.

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