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Kyle Farnsworth

  1. line a lot of pressure that you look crowded. Well. Five infield it's. Ball in the it's the only two outfielders. And Farnsworth is got a ball yet smiling like he tried. It's successfully got out front pull the two. The fiddle player in right center

  2. 11.28: The Lunch Box -- Dorell Wright


    Mon, 28 Nov 2011

    again there. But at the right way foundation is obviously you know Grizzlies. So our plan and now we know wanna do that Farnsworth . Hopefully we could you know good specialists they didn't. And anybody want to be apart and way nowadays and hard hit

  3. drove in their right Texas scored those two guys and then. My second at bat you know kind of battle of big got to yourself Farnsworth and throughout the fastball down the middle for me drive. For for the home run in any other Grand Slam is just hang a slider