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11.11: Chronicle Live -- Bob Melvin



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  2. Bob Melvin0:06
  3. David DeJesus1:52
  4. Coco Crisp1:50
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Sat, 12 Nov 2011|

Melvin joins Damon Andrews to talk about what the A's are looking to accomplish in 2012.


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Is baseball with a man guiding the Green and go from. This year and also for the next three years Bob Melvin. Join the team as interim manager back in June 2011 -- you came over with no real knowledge so cold on the players on the squad. Many of the coaches as well Tom having said that. How much do you look forward to going from training camp all the way through through an entire season with some knowledge of the guys and and the coaching -- Well certainly and make easier from day one you know when I first got there you know a pretty well document I get to Chicago and and really don't know too many of the players let alone what's going on with the team at that point. I have to acclimate to the players the coaches know media front office everybody. So going going forward in the spring training this year it you know all those things are out of the way and it's just getting. The philosophies in the structure -- what we're looking due to accomplish -- wanna spring training going forward. Makes little easier without some of the outside things have to do it. -- -- bearing native Bob -- was an easier than you thought it was his command me to coming back home and feeling comfortable and maybe a little bit step quicker than. In other places yeah I think. The comfort ability based on you know being a very good guy and then there were pretty much the reception I got was I couldn't ask for for better situation in a difficult. Type scenario coming in the middle of the season so. You know the people with the a's made it easy on me actually the media made it very easy on channel -- into that -- well actually not trying to give you little plug your best tennis today it was pretty seamless I think a lot of it had to do with my background being here from the Bay Area. Talk about tell what's going on right now hot stove season everybody's moving and shaking and now what is the biggest concern for the Green and gold -- full. Well we have to get our outfield situation squared away you know we're we're gonna lose potentially lose Willingham. Coco Crisp. David DeJesus and -- who we are our four guys so we're gonna have to replace those guys whether it's going to be internally whether it's going to be. Through the -- through free agents which I think were a little less apt to do at this point will probably be a little bit more patient and wait and see how the those free agent market place plays out. Certainly the uncertainty of the ballpark on forward to whether we get San -- or not has something doing it as well but. That that's the first and foremost what we're looking -- Howard and how they -- to play out. Not really resides not there right now in New York City Bay Area native but you're. Costly keep an eye on what's going on with the other guys in the prospects and in talking about the outfield fall league starting up and Michael choice and now grant Green -- the guys that potentially could fill out that outfield at least. But two thirds of it right now what they do and you keep a close -- on those who got. Both guys are both having great fall league campaigns. You know choice early on and then I think we're gonna have to shut him down but then Graham green's been throwing them swing the -- terrific period as of late and has done some things in the stance and and trying to create a little bit more power in and working harder that -- seen the fruits of his labor right now so. Two very talented guys that we we still have high ceilings and high expectations for. Not I know you don't know until you get in the camp what the potential is for this ballclub if you could tell young guys like that be fast track. To the big league squad. I think based on what were we are as a team right now certainly than did that opportunity is there a little bit more so than maybe somebody at their age that. We we do have guys that you know coming back that you know he saw Taylor last year and you saw Jane Miller last year and Cris Carter was here last year you know those are guys around take a hard look at as well bit. Having guys like choice and in in Green pushing and Indian guys have been high picks for us and guys that that we want to get to the big leagues. You know kinda adds to the mix and adds to the pushing of the guys in front of them. Now it's no secret Bob you've been you know -- in the Bay Area and attended many events and games in the coliseum attendance has not been where it needs to be dust you know -- the stadium issue. With the Oakland a's with that said. You know how much of an impact does that have when attracting free agents or maybe even the players on the field do you tell -- you know don't worry about who's in the stands go out there and just play the game. Well that's my job -- you getting him here is more front office job and that is that is a sticking point you know there're. You know they made overtures did Adrian Beltre last year and Lance Berkman last year and weren't able to land them partly because of you know the venue that we play at so. You know we'd love to see 40000. In there every night it's not the case right now that. You know it does play into the fact that it's a little bit more difficult for rested too. Attract free agents to -- venue and all of our ballpark right now in. You know you're seen quite a few guys around the league as far as power goes probably a little reluctant to playing in ballparks like ours. With that said judge still pitching staff has been outstanding -- you inherit. A some guys and some young arms that have very very capable of right now a top five in the American League in an ERA in. That saved her young comes back how how nice of is that to bring back Curt Young gathered is really -- these young on some sort since. Yeah news it's an easy call to bring curt back in our guys that I have some history with two I played with them. In Kansas City in 92. Both lived in Arizona for quite -- we played quite a bit of golf together so. You know when you talk about you know how much easier is going into this season with with no in the personnel and so forth to have a guy like Curt Young coming in who's. The you know been. Basically ground up with with the GO Gonzales is and Trevor Cahill and guys like that. Makes it a little more seamless for me knowing that the the histories were there with those guys and he's going to be able hit the ground run and and and knows these guys very well you got. -- have a good group for with the coaches as well as the players who would -- GM. Billy -- brings you win and and kind of you know gives you unprecedented. Access to the ball club and that he wants. Your opinion and he wants your input into what's going on on the field what what is your -- is select -- Billy. I you know to this point it couldn't have been better and I've worked for many GMs. Six or seven GMs over the course my managing career in and Billy is it. About as good as it gets he's you know he's really made it easy on me. You know it's. -- on the personnel the organization you know I -- background from him he lets me do my thing he lets me. You know right out the lineups and and due -- all the things that you expect a manager to do and then it really is my biggest supporter in and my biggest help as far as. Anything I'm doing down on the field so I couldn't be happier with with with our. You know our relationship. Not only early on but going forward it seems to get better and better.

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