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5.4: SFG/FLA Postgame- Aaron Rowand


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  2. tough road trip1:22
Wed, 5 May 2010|

Giants 9, Florida 6 FINAL/12 Aaron Rowand had 3 hits and 3 RBI Tuesday. He tied the game in the 9th with a solo homer off Florida's closer Leo Nunez.


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A lot of heroes tonight but we're gonna single out one guy mainly because. We get to talk to him on the field that's -- and -- And you know error and a you know it's one of these games where. We're Lincecum pitches in his throwing as well as he is it's kind of a sock in the stomach when you don't win those games that's why this one was important. That definitely I mean Timmy goes on gives us an opportunity to win every time you -- -- takes the -- and you know they. This team they were playing against has a lot of good hitters and attempting down for for quite a long time and you know they do what they do best and that's hit home runs and they got guys on them when they did it. You know him an opportunity get back in the days to get to sell out -- and you know hopefully in your arms -- long enough to get it. Then luckily enough it landed in my book puts a gambling hesitation the monitor all. No I went for it right off the bat I I thought I had a real good chance to catch it try to cut it off and as I got about half -- there if I realized how much it was tailing away from me and just try to get there because I -- in the situation. It was either going to be extra base hit then. For sure double possible triple with two guys on so I was trying to lay out. Luckily it went in my glove but yet to get ready to hit. Looking for the ball middle in and try to stay through the middle -- nine -- -- at least an opportunity to stay on his breaking ball his -- so. You left it out over the middle play -- Butler got that would ultimately it's a tough road trip this is a big win for you guys tell us about what it -- in that dugout after the game. 'cause you don't and you don't -- grind out game like this especially with -- mistakes and and walk away with a loss. Everybody was battling a note guys you know being back and humidity on the side of the country you know takes a little bit -- the first couple days but. Everybody kept balance and you know top to bottom meet the guys who were did double -- -- coming out of the game or in the dugout cheer everybody on trying to keep question he pushed. You know -- as -- after I grounded out Torres got that base hit when he gets on base you know. Have experts breaks loose with him I don't know what to do and we got an opportunity to score some runs their public got a big adult lines he gets the opportunity. All right we'll enjoy this one -- all right.

  1. obviously. Great hustle by all of you guys just for running hard Donald's of running hard. He beats the ball gets an heir to Nunez he also may be out before you hit a home run but talk about opposite field hitting. Private what turned out to be the go ahead

  2. season is when He starts but. You look at the three runs early with two outs and especially hit batter and a walk him run scored Nunez double. And then the at all run in the eighth inning did you take away some of that and it could have been a different ball

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  4. part of your job and they knew you were a lot of different had you trying to raise money to sustain the program and they're. Nunez . On the field in the end and yet they have strong coaching staffing he had to have assistant coaches tour. Just phenomenal

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