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Kruk & Kuip: Padres weren't biting at Zito's offerings



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Mon, 2 Sep 2013|

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Well I thought -- Crawford had a good event in the fourth inning first and second. With -- two outs and you know bullet right in the center fielder. Been -- balloon Buster Posey second and third with two outs and it's a line drive at the third baseman Logan Forsythe. You know that makes it afforded pre game it's -- over the head of we're. But really that disappointed best game in the eighth inning second and third nobody out and Sandoval and Crawford hit a couple of warm. The news you're right that sometimes it doesn't look like. It is going to be their game but also walked quite a few. Until the game's first inning he had nice release point curve ball is snapped and it comes up sick he -- first you guys. I guess -- -- the type of stuff that he could challenge to a city have guessed the dimple. When you have a patient team but the Padres and it's it's rough they make you come to the strike zone he did not cut the -- of the situation we had runners on. It led to a three run inning -- do you want T Kennedy. Who had more wins and anybody defensively the last two years and -- 36. It's hard to believe this just to six with a New -- when you watch the -- the biggest Giants. But -- never underestimate the value of the had a ball that -- wood to the Jets have to do it.

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