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106 - Daniel and Robert

Thu, 24 Oct 2013|

Manager Don Mattingly and the Los Angeles Dodgers front office have come to an agreement over the last year of his contract.

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  1. Lincecum faces Dodgers, looks to build on strong outing

    We'll check back in 2006 210 they won 95 and six starts he's gonna start tomorrow. Against the LA Dodgers Richard is terrific numbers. Against the Dodgers does little tidbit I just read was he has the second lowest CRA. Having any

  2. The Weekend Riff with Jim and Henry: Are the Dodgers desperate?

    My big raider and a back and it's a big greater shooting to talk about the weekend topics. Has to do and our friends the LA Dodgers there are material on Hendry props for that things are you know. Mac hey gotta we're talking baseball all right Dodgers

  3. Out- The Glenn Burke Story - Tommy Hawkins

    Former Los Angeles Dodgers VP of Communications & External Affairs, KJAZZ radio announcer.

  4. Out- The Glenn Burke Story- Marvin Webb

    Former Los Angeles Dodgers Minor Leaguer.

  1. Report: Mattingly to manage Dodgers in 2014


    Thu, 24 Oct 2013

    Manager Don Mattingly and the Los Angeles Dodgers front office have come to an agreement over the last year of his contract.

  2. Cardinals homer twice to beat Dodgers 4-2 in NLCS


    Wed, 16 Oct 2013

    Matt Holliday and pinch-hitter Shane Robinson connected for the first home runs of the NL championship series, sending St. Louis past the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-2 Tuesday night for a 3-1 lead in their best-of-seven playoff.

  3. We'll get after idiocy every sisco police did just confirms what that this whole thing started when these two groups of men got into an argument about the longstanding rivalry between. The Giants and at that Dodgers in the and 24 year old man was actually visiting San Francisco to CD game his

  4. Time now who who Wendy's when it's Bay Area dot com. Good morning everyone I'm afraid here weather warning from the Comcast sports net studios start as a baseball the Angels and BA is eighth consecutive second consecutive loss. First I would want. 31 the wind yesterday for the angels' Jered Weaver

  5. Wilson. Tonight we say so long to Barry Zito and and I say may so long to Tim Lincecum won a series this has been against the LA Dodgers . Now word about the Dodgers starter Edinson Volquez who has had a nice career Dodgers picked him up innings pitched well

  6. You know last goal we'll pitch for the LA Dodgers she has been a giant tormentors throughout his career the former. Yes that's very they'll not be Madison Baumgartner boys

  7. Brian Wilson responds to John McCain on Twitter


    Sat, 21 Sep 2013

    Arizona Senator John McCain blasted the Dodgers over twitter, and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Brian Wilson took it upon himself to respond.

  8. Brandon congratulations now. That lasted that you guys have all hit a lot of balls that the parts of this ballpark especially between left center right in straightaway center. That have not going out of this ballpark when you hit that one what you think. Honestly I thought I got it all which never

  9. Time now who Wendy's when it's fun CSN Bay Area dot com. Good morning everyone your morning minute from the Comcast sports net studios will start some baseball in the Giants lose a heartbreaker Thursday night as the Dodgers win in ten innings 32 in the San Francisco Giants face former closer Brian

  10. Tonight in MLB: Sox can win series vs. Dodgers


    Sun, 25 Aug 2013

    The Red Sox will try to become the first team since mid-June to win a series against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday Night Baseball.

  11. Ortiz's back 'fine' heading into Dodgers series


    Sat, 24 Aug 2013

    David Ortiz is healthy and should be ready to go for Friday's affair against the NL West-leading Los Angeles Dodgers .

  12. MLB Power Rankings: Week 19


    Mon, 19 Aug 2013

    Everybody knows the Los Angeles Dodgers are the hottest team in baseball right now, but does that make them the best team? WhiteSoxTalk's J.J. Stankevitz and CubsTalk's Tony Andracki debate.

  13. Today's Lineup: Michael Martinez leads off


    Sun, 18 Aug 2013

    Michael Martinez will lead off and play shortstop for the Phillies in Sunday's series finale against the Los Angeles Dodgers .

  14. Phillies-Dodgers: 5 things you need to know


    Sat, 17 Aug 2013

    The Phillies continue their series with the red-hot Los Angeles Dodgers Saturday night behind right-hander Kyle Kendrick.

  15. Uribe victim of Rays' hidden-ball trick


    Sun, 11 Aug 2013

    Former White Sox player Juan Uribe was the victim of a hidden-ball trick when the Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday.

  16. Watkins makes major league debut vs. Dodgers


    Sun, 4 Aug 2013

    Logan Watkins will make his major league debut with the Cubs at Wrigley Field as they take on the Los Angeles Dodgers this afternoon.

  17. Marmol happy to be back ... in first place


    Thu, 1 Aug 2013

    After joining the Los Angeles Dodgers just over a month ago, former Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol is feeling as good as ever. And being with a team that resides in first place is definitely adding to the fun.

  18. MLB Power Rankings: Week 16


    Mon, 29 Jul 2013

    The Los Angeles Dodgers are the hottest team in baseball right now and Yasiel Puig is arguably the hottest hitter. But is that enough to jump up the first MLB Power Rankings of the "second half"?

  19. Tonight in MLB: Arroyo can play stopper again


    Sat, 27 Jul 2013

    Bronson Arroyo will try to get the Cincinnati Reds back on track Saturday night against the Los Angeles Dodgers .

  20. Not a great weekend series for the Giants losing to a three of the Dodgers that does not sit well the fans but. Are injured straw took in the game and the different twist. And he lived to tell about it. We're about to do some Giants fans never knew where dodger to a Giants game. My mom love you