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3.11: ORL/GSW pregame -- Stephen Curry


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Fri, 11 Mar 2011|

Curry reflects on the road trip and looks towards Orlando.


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And and it snapped his streak critical in terms of where the goals of this team. Come back from Boston's success and what's the regroup after. -- That's eighteen. We'll make the push. -- -- should it happen. There's. To stay in did you. -- -- -- What's the difference and some of these close games that didn't and a community school. -- -- Also. We'll lose close. Sounded great road you can listen to him. This. Learn Maicer Izturis Chris Russo and that was his bad back this -- -- Familiar. Do you feel the energy right from the start. Medicines for two weeks and it's. Paste directly with the right talent what's it like. Essentially battleship yeah. Months ago. -- you know he's there from. This guy's talent. Myself against the pain it's no different -- and nowadays it's that they. Way to stop a guy like Patterson just convenience. Uses -- we've consistent. There's good news with the rest of the matter yeah. If you. Guess around people. -- -- I'm just. First -- night.

  1. One of the greatest shooters ever played this game. And he's in a discussion when anybody has several play. And that Izturis . Yes I think he's a different player right now. He's been great for us all season long. But he's on the floor like

  2. have done since taking over for Alex Smith. But. He's. A second year player feels that your player yet and we make in his Izturis are in the playoffs will be his eighth NFL start. Plenty more to dissect and we have a whole bye week now to do it'll be

  3. the two yard and you need to go through a moment here you have occasionally we did today. It is and it's. It was crazy Izturis hits it's close but was riles me it sure. Now I am argues quite sure graphic posters here. Again. You know a couple of

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    all good. We have great and it's I don't know I need to be doing when you know much more than an hour. Or even be doing Izturis and I knew who was selling now with the and much appreciated any violent. Yeah that and I just one of those things were

  5. you know aggressively so again. Can can hit the ball some power so just trying to keep. If anything keep him. Forget. And Izturis was a good month that much about it. And then working on obviously even leave after. he's in the lead and keep the momentum

  6. team obviously. Well aware about from just walk out. Rest gets to see him play every night combined bowl. He's as good Izturis so not having them in certainly is an advantage for us but that opens up opportunities on thirteen for others to step up

  7. genuine gentlemen you know what ever meet the fans here great out there. Mean something in the high tech on yeah. And then came within our profits Great that's something you don't Izturis yeah thank you for a lot of fun and very dot com an

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    doesn't have a big league fastball that you can imagine trying to pitch in the big leagues. Without a fastball really put Izturis hit a remarkable perspective for me but it. You know but it keeps kind of opponents besides split when that turboprop there

  9. and I a lot of turnovers. Yeah the I was and I Nightmare is art. Experts. what he would definitely gotten us process them Izturis isn't. Came home alone don't have time to see him asylum. Nothing America I. not to do I've Belgium us government

  10. shake hands them. So some of the questions and see it's all about you've been watching this entire process I'm sure Izturis in the country as a what are your thoughts on Harbaugh higher. I'm very excited. Obviously just kind of watch him because

  11. what you guys were looking for and it seemed like you've got it on the first play of the game. They know coach is all about Izturis employees not think progestin there's a good job keeping defense again I was on the heels. You know a lot of missed the

  12. That's worth better with Juan. stop and run reasonable. Time candidate. I think As we Miami you know they stopped irony it involves us and it was so. If you go with a good stat sheet you know when Izturis about it uses to New Orleans.

  13. in the former Blackhawk. Outskirts. and you know he mentioned ex Izturis are on the account Marco Island and its industry because obviously he's he's mentioned ex Izturis and we haven't given from terrorist played so it's gives him you

  14. Izturis and second day of practice. Beginning of the sporting news. It's. Gray Davis to. Delanie Walker out there.

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    today is always easy but if these great you know you've got to give them credit and hopefully if it's in my dad in the. Izturis and lastly for you seem like they're had come in bunches for you guys and then there's a little dragging you say that

  16. leaders that stepped up flashes in the playoffs young guys and that's a good sign and got a Lotta Lotta guys that Florida Cesar Izturis the media is his. I think your candidate your alternate last year should we vote for Ryan would be good they're good captain

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    fortunate on its way. And sounds that. Just kind out relaxes volatile situation if you can hook it and And turned answers your Izturis yeah Taylor's get a whole lawyer and and business there's no serious and you play good all year and those teams. Locker

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    situation like that it. You need to take advantage of a mistake not a mistake but a bad hop in the case that no chance for Izturis but a Kevin Kouzmanoff took the first sinker. For a ball down. Still very patient and like gave said with a sinker ball try

  19. It's like that signature for you guys maybe it work. Weeks ago but. What message sent Izturis but you pretty much this. We have wouldn't believe it well I think it's nice to have a good team and did you have all the

  20. a lot of and in related move the words did not sign of columns that. Question so plot. Five minutes no outs so frustrated Izturis government and players that started yelling direct. When you get the ball way I'm going to take him kept him. In my life