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7.23: CHW/OAK Postgame- Trevor Cahill


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Tue, 30 Jul 2013|

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It was not very good in his last outing what does he need to improve want to have a better outings this time. You know I think it is very important especially here in -- month August that's for illegals out and do the same thing that Griffin did your team a chance to expand that Lee. The big -- would you block here and experiment with some pitches and not only that I. I think the most important part of that you're given an opportunity to guys that have been overworked this far -- do little cooked involved for. And these guys have to hit it in the the game and they're gonna determine how how good you. You do it in the season. So when you have games like tonight and you have guys like. Jerry blip is that come in and give in and happen in the ninth inning. That is huge because everybody's bullpen is tired right now teams that are in it they're -- -- searching for fresh arms when you do this you give a team a chance to rest and you -- -- he's got a chance to be the best that they can. Do you believe in teams peaking too early -- in the a's are playing great all have we seen their best ball yet no question and answer your question about can they. -- too quickly. I just think you don't wanna play your best baseball in April and may this is a team that played in Lawson -- in many different facets and I think that's only gonna ball well for them as they get into the games in September. You've seen Mark -- pitch several times was the key to -- to early making him wait don't amount I can recall watching him and Barry Zito pitching game in Oakland coliseum that laughs -- hour and 35 minutes so that you don't watch out he will carve you up in the game will be over and you won't even have -- your lunch yet sell. Get this guy stepped I'll be patient make him throw pitches make him wait don't let him work quickly are you even concerned about -- assessment this wrist which even rest this guy and you say he's hot. Definitely keep them in the game all he'll let you know and I think it gave him a tremendous job by the way they've been -- assessments.

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  1. Hopefully he can. of the English tour look I'm not thinking. He's gonna have an opportunity to play multiple positions and you know hopefully get them. You know hopefully we will force. Good it would just feels more my name book. That wasn't Sanders and do a couple of things throw it and and Estes

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  12. it's comparable or Belmont people you know. And not so good. So this is the head strength and conditioning coach Mark Buehrle on the what did he add to your game this offseason or during the conditioning aspect that that you had an incorporated

  13. games. always do who is this year one. It's. The question what it. He's. Hopeful. And yeah. Yeah yeah. boy. Yeah. Buehrle . Is that she and he We couldn't from a muscle on the blitz us. In and who are not like gay community anybody in the social

  14. get into Barney Frank. Well you know the end. Do you have about 2530 every year and and all over they're 20 hole I'll Buehrle you. For him fracas hungry. An area. for his. The last seven years you know me practice you really you know it is different

  15. forward to. That you and I think we've got that in all the guys are. We're feeling good excited. And it was just. It was Buehrle to You know how much it was appreciated the fans my teammates there's it says about the most. It pumps you up now and it

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    people and right sides so to speak to Republican Party and turn them trying to hold a Appointment he's trying to make up every Buehrle was trying to pass I think the economy's turning around I think he would not foolish enough to. Believe that we still on

  17. All that good stuff. Left fielder over there there was that kind of easy easy to forget. That. Sure. I mean Vietnamese Buehrle really just kind of put that aside whoever plays in the field of an extra. Nuggets left for me. Tell you can Television suffered

  18. ticket in my state stable through are you finding out combinations that are working. Armor you don't it goes game by game Buehrle does depending what the other team does depending on matches. Leave it to such situations create. Different needs to to move

  19. Wilson hasn't pitched in a while and we've gotten fired cultural moment that point we won't stop. You into the cricket Buehrle going. No longer and we've just you know and support. The question for group. Q just talk about the play of how Pablo

  20. did you get your game come. Is gonna he's got to work. Including game you know you might you won't blow you meg 98 to Buehrle is just always going to be greatly on you know welcome to that's all I'm doing and I'm. Don't look at my game still