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12.29: Mark DeRosa Teleconference



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Tue, 23 Jul 2013|

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I wish I didn't even if my job I just Franklin and -- it's. Think you are logging on CSN Bay Area dot com put on -- our very much says that according it their. The -- or not the way that wasn't an off night for you you mill about all it went over the wall. And your odds of shrub twice really because he brought it back then another fumble but it rolled out of play offensive. I don't know isn't it because you are you regret. I and you know that's just kind of what happens sometimes you know escorted -- -- -- can -- for. And then I mean today and it meant to this interview and out of the bunker into the match heat jumping on. -- giving -- halftime about you know my pain after it came and I put up that idea came Baumgartner you know. Are lucky that you pitch here and they did polls like captain don't go out you know considers. You know -- they don't feel our frustrations. You. -- are -- there are. Parity there are. We have zero I thought you he is he's exactly -- exciting -- that -- -- -- -- that. -- -- -- We -- we call that here there's a name for what I do. -- about it uniting in the end though. You know up and I got to you know earlier that I can say is I think. Say that but a little bit late preview. Actually -- in Jenks uniformity deep deep part in we've seen. It died in. Reception in the like you and they're not rooting against -- had a little bit different -- -- and really -- you know vacuum worn out right field like errors that night. You know they're great fans here and it's a great opportunity for me it's a great place. You know when I'm excited to be here. Get a little bit of background -- how you can bet your with the Royals you know and then you were let go down. And I let us know little about part -- being a baseball player that the hard part. You're only 29 but so -- have a I did than any and then have a nothing William. Treat here this season I'd give them every three years and then you know they kind of want to go to different direction that is fine -- I've done it before you know from catcher who landed New York had a great time more from. New York or Kansas City in the world so. You know I'm I'm kind of very resilient guy kind of brush it off and I -- it's part of the business. Move on you do well wherever you go ahead. You know for me like the staff here like a veteran team has been a good is that what -- you do everything yeah a lot of alone let them hiding. You know thank you have a lot yeah and not think he would love to do -- then of course of course because. You know I knew there were a lot of good guys here and -- you know -- one. Playing against buster -- those guys. You know played with trigger -- ours and those guys -- loved -- here and you know talking Mark DeRosa who -- -- -- -- talking about. Coaching staff and so for me is kind of -- pretty easy. Now this summer dress -- my favorite he had Aaron let's see him in any maybe now you're here for loudly yeah actually I know it's probably gotten on the clock our top five list of he really only about mark do you think he has coached team manager and his future. Course he then and he's had his past lunging up on how well he's added that if I ever played the ball fell off that you -- thoughts and I'm going to solve this one might have a better. A new baby any of that a good example I -- on the -- back. For any babies they talked a little bit about the other day. But this is different than not he's he's not mean a top player everybody thinks it's all fun and games then when we have a child and half ago. Your confidence feared tell -- this put Florida ahead. So how are you being at the -- educate your way and then -- everything. -- time -- time and I'm not a very good technology person. I'm not. I don't ever computer I don't have an email at doing our job I don't have email -- -- but it's all right. She gave me the maniac had and we face time all the time so you know it's cool -- -- just -- -- each day in. Nobody gives me some to look forward to it. Then. You know I'd definitely say you know it's I think it's helped me as a baseball player you kind of just put things in perspective he's well play and you know nights like last night like they were gonna do about it here he brushed -- -- today -- together. I like -- I liked action last time and it street and then I know but the vacant. Eat and have a relationship with this team's cross town rivals the Oakland -- they love you. -- for people who don't know briefly just let them know what you did well you have. There -- -- one -- there would stop yelling at me right works out of out of state game we had a blast sent a hundred dollars give some Beers and Phoenix's. I'm proud of me felt like I apparent you know why did you woodlands and I have a lot of fun. Well balanced -- mad at turner Akron. You know I just happened that you know enjoy it kind of meet those fans and have a good time -- themselves coaches will be out here. -- funny annual pan out advance to third team owners yesterday and I felt. Next your review of different from back you know saying and you go -- and -- Colorado and dad and it really you know. I can't turn not around and -- team. Yeah there are finally get a great ride different or thinking -- isn't really appreciate it by day and the and got out.

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