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Perez saves the day for Giants; A's Parker outduels Darvish

Sun, 29 Sep 2013|

Mark Kotsay's final at-bat will go down as a strikeout, but it also was a deeply personal, emotion-filled finale courtesy of his friend Barry Zito.

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  1. Perez: 'Today I got revenge'

    are great team from Matt Cain the let's talk about the defense and you in particular. Seventh inning he threw out Mark Kotsay at home I'm not your fourth and fifth in just seven games how much pride yourself on your defense. Oh god take it

  2. Strikeouts for troops -- Barry Zito & Jake Peavy inspired by heroes

    have a really young group is your primary on this hand around every day and more ballparks. Four days consecutive and Mark Kotsay to ground ponderous play. I think he took around the White Sox I'll be shown in the the out there. Out there and

  3. 10.29: Q&A with Giants Manager Bruce Bochy

    your thoughts when you acquired him and did you ever imagine him playing that kind of roll on the ball that well. Well Mark Kotsay along with worst record and he's he. Very much needed though loss. and we needed a trainer. Bridget Wilson and

  1. Yeah. I was prices mean can't you can't repeat that that's that's on the look of an industry. You know both those guys are just first class you know professionals and and they there and every every every step of the minutes don't. Emotion of the best thing that it looked great guys you see I.

  2. by sheer force but really the person ideas. I knew I was gonna give him in there these last two games. So I the game With kotsay retiring. And don't know what's gonna come here Beat his matchup so. He knew there were teammates in early when do either

  3. Kotsay on Zito: 'I'm happy for Barry'


    Sun, 29 Sep 2013

    Mark Kotsay 's final at-bat will go down as a strikeout, but it also was a deeply personal, emotion-filled finale courtesy of his friend Barry Zito.

  4. early strikes. And then real salute players. But it will be available to us. Than it is I did actually I don't know it kotsay run in the second. And and is currently used to. And with presently are he knows it you know chemicals or haven't attempted

  5. been great energy this entire series with the Sharks came out like gangbusters Jonathan Quick a couple of great saves early. Kotsay one of the best series I've seen the San Jose Sharks play just have all five guys buzzing all five guys move their legs

  6. I like to do was get better and better myself and just keep focusing on just in better. I'll be you know May Day we and kotsay you know personal not info and I was going in. Deny he was going here so you know we kept in contact a lot. And you know from

  7. strikes. And he did another great job for us. They. I know there are really not us not a bad man and I got the barrel on the I kotsay keep yourself I was gonna go off the wall. Those in happier I don't know where. Hit them and I think. Back here. It was

  8. outdoor toilet seat beautiful fuels terrorism whoever. and just one flight to gets us realize I don't know Milwaukee earlier kotsay myself I planned Samuel good not a bad deal. in the ultimate irony. The first game you're on the bench with the Warriors

  9. 3.5: GSW/WSH -- game highlights


    Tue, 6 Mar 2012

    scored five Montae Ellis and thank you nailed the game with a nice pass down the three pointer. Late in the first quarter. Kotsay gives the ball that you know who knows what to do enjoy just want the eight point. The quarter matches the second half total

  10. football. I did not take care of that and and if they don't happen the nice guys put the best in my there. Among national kotsay can't touch us and Markkanen. No other team only Hussein when I goodwill games. The stadium and things and happiness as

  11. 7.1: Paula Creamer on Chronicle Live


    Sat, 2 Jul 2011

    different this year as the defending champion. I feel good I feel really get turned on him a lot of great shots making some. keep kotsay I have kind of I haven't done in the beginning of the season but I've been working really hard I'm really looking for

  12. 3.6: GSW/PHI -- game highlights


    Sun, 6 Mar 2011

    left and one of the if you look at these great young man is and being as he can get it up there with anybody out of meanwhile kotsay woke up in the fourth. He's got this thing inside and desert outside he had eighteen points in the fourth quarter And that

  13. until we get till we get all five sports reinstated. Taylor did you quick plug working people go to donate to help out your kotsay if you wanna continue to donate visited the time is now goes to save cal sports dot com that's WWW saved cal sports dot com

  14. monotonous running more of these legitimate reason. They're Berlin. It tonight you can play him some controls division. Look kotsay to compete. That just fired so blue. Just mentioning that now that you were there. we can. Some good and they run and then

  15. would indicate use how come down. In recent years I just don't think that. The growth hormone is isn't a real affect your performance enhancing drugs I think it so overrated in my opinion. Victor kotsay thanks so much for your insights.

  16. you consider hasn't lived up to his own accord. It's good to get into rhythm with guys arguments obviously we're. Not kotsay had a score for us and started this just And you know we had a really first slowed up for the second finish it made it. Play