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  1. that going forward. Character that collision needed to walk off zones net and a senator for a little bit but. announcement Prado tomorrow. That power play unit pretty good wood on match I mean every morning to him and it was just blocked they got an office

  2. 11.8: The Lunch Box -- Episode 14


    Tue, 8 Nov 2011

    Laughs that's a anyway if you can and catch up on line. Saint Gabriel went I'm here with John Wall welcomes your lunch box. Prado and these I had an amazing party game that new York at the greenhouse. There was a movie that you gonna cause as they say

  3. 9.26: COL/SFG postgame -- Bruce Bochy


    Tue, 27 Sep 2011

    thrower. Fastball and a and unbreakable on known more for the slider and uses his fastball. To great command. He's not Prado there. But today they definitely get some hits off me gave up a run it. Skip those points and big strikeout to and that threaten

  4. find out the person but you know. would be attacked him I have to go out there coach you know I'm the of late father Edgar Prado . No he's a he's a good young man I wanted it to one in the here now a place sounds away and get a feel for how we go about

  5. one for the Giants did baseball in the heat. But you come into this game and you need to win to dig one out of the three games. They couldn't do it they get done early again and Prado made certain that this is gonna be a victory today.

  6. team defense and shape then. You know the mentality to really come through all batting second though you went on the other Prado up. and it's going to be on us to finish them and if we do that to your best feeling good formula for when he scored. record

  7. 9.7: SEA/OAK Postgame- Bob Geren


    Wed, 8 Sep 2010

    kind of you know lined out pitching their double play that. I like differ within. And certainly probably was that the numbers Prado wanted to put up that starts day which is he from the staff to. I saw some. To together hit after hit after and in that one

  8. 5.2: Is Taylor SF's Next Great Mays?


    Sun, 2 May 2010

    talent to compete at the professional level. I think it's more just a mental side of it. And having played on every single Prado that's really what this is crucial praising him for the next student at a press and take it away with the attitude and that

  9. 3.28: SAC/CLE Postgame- Paul Westphal


    Sun, 28 Mar 2010

    got it going it was nice that we can write him and Davis Davis real big lift off the bench and you know we had no backup for Prado also had to go the whole game where he'll back up for a road Jason Thompson with the whole game Carl like you could see it

  10. 3.17: NOR/GSW Postgame- Don Nelson


    Thu, 18 Mar 2010

    lacking. And then everybody car caught on and then really moved it up but cannot just in the fourth quarter. You know on the Prado noted tell you that you make every night that we made and tonight and everybody had a good rhythm and they were not indecisive