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5.27: Drew Storen on Chronicle Live



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Thu, 27 May 2010|

Former Stanford pitcher, and 10th overall pick by the Nationals last year Drew Storen talks with Greg Papa in his return to the Bay Area.


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A lot of firsts here it's nice that first triple play the first inside the park woman and you do your first went he. You can do is tell us how it feels to have that win. Pac. Did -- singing dream. -- in new things and we do have a familiar breeds. But not actually shaving cream -- anymore I don't think sometimes they have a they staying too much usually they go with a whip cream but we gotta bring in a true restored from AT&T park getting set to take on the Giants tonight with the Washington Nationals who was that Scott also that got you with the first whipped cream -- Pollyanna and it was definitely Barbara -- and always shavings and gone. Ollie had a sack -- siding landing down near the second when he got literally Allen really stung but dot. As bittersweet I was excited this exciting your first Major League win came exactly a week ago that after the game he had to wear the Elvis wig from Niger Morgan so. You've got a busy time of it but tell me about Sunday. You got a Major League hit then you've got hit in a long long time actually went to the batter's box where in the double -- from the bad boy. First time -- swung the bats since high school. Yeah and a game I and I hit like my freshman fall Stanford in inner squad and didn't do so while I'm not sign Melvin. Mellon batting gloves and they in the bat. Then -- attack since then there is Sunday us just have fun with a notch and embarrass myself too much. I did did did well to get a base enough for Kevin Millwood and you said it was the first time you faced -- -- last time you faced a guy than not it was just -- it was just to get to to protect our audience back to a year ago your pitching for coach mark pushed out of the sunken diamond. You're wrapping up your sophomore year. You're worried about whom I gotta have her roommate coming up next Jeremy did you ever think that the Washington Nationals would draft juice all high. And after two years you would be in professional baseball. You know really didn't. I've become really a real options online access to get through that almost a year ago to the day -- -- stayed through a lot of putts and at some people were there. And then that's when it -- to dad did that. Hope that long shot -- really became something that I have literally wanted. It applies Nationals Park football again right for the draft and faces kind of fell into place and you know. I don't know it stills of and -- some weekends and -- feedback from the Bay Area has been great and it was weird and -- days I've been gone for a year does as god. Clay obviously meteoric the way you've risen. To the major leagues you began this year double A Harrisburg quickly to a triple A Syracuse. Good numbers they're combined four saves ERA at one point 11 good strikeout to. Innings pitched ratio fifteen -- to 68 into Thursday they're very good in the bullpen referring to your team the nationals they have Tyler Clippers are set up guy in Matt Capps is having. A very good at season but is that your ultimate goal. True to one day be the closer if not very soon for this franchise. You know at some point obviously -- in great -- place that was at the end that -- down there. But you know at some point down -- notice -- catches and around in -- misstep in their loved to do that I was that I love doing a Stanford and it did in Paris in Harrisburg insight enjoyed it that you know now how many great spot because -- utilized in this Desi had to learn from. The other wearing guys down there now Bolton have raised doing while and it's -- he's a great learning embarrass me and I get to see -- caps as does business us one day Doucet and are all known on the depth. How much Mike Rizzo the GM of the Washington Nationals if you factor do become the closer may look back on last year's draft is one of the greatest in the history. A baseball getting you a number ten at. And Stephen strasburg got to San Diego State the -- now and they had to battle for -- aside and gave over. A fifty million dollar bonus you know him well you guys are good friends he was the number one at overall pick give you pitch more than this year in Harrisburg and later. And Syracuse he may make his Major League debut is every is so quickly as a week from Friday. What they know about strasburg drew a question please can expect from him when he makes his Major League debut. Continuing diet and wanting to expect is do I expect him -- -- -- all the stories you hear Harold -- And -- the one that ever played -- they did really lives up to those expectations and now. You know I I didn't really know what to think and today I didn't know what to expect others -- not as a person off the field to IDE matches out. You know to to greatness that he is between alliance and so that's one thing that that I'm really happy about is that he is such a great guy and -- -- guys going to be successful in this game because he doesn't let you know all the pressure and all the expectations get so. It's exciting to see Justin Verlander is an and that I've heard is that the one that you when you watch him pitch stylistically hard -- great curve ball great changeup he is somewhat like birth of her Lander. Yeah at any sign and he's nice and smooth like Verlander and you know he has the ability just can't turn out and confidant in the high ninety's and united is just you know we refer to isn't as involved in Syracuse is unfair and and it's fun to watch and he's like rose's worth every penny. So what -- drafted him number one and -- number ten mil less than a year ago -- thank you some extra time welcome back to the Bay Area. They -- me.

  1. but I think. It's a different style running for Frank Gore and have the ball stuck in his it is Valium and you know either Capps pulls it out or Frankie city did force him to be a lot more patient he's a one cut depth field kind of guy and I think. That

  2. doing on defense. You know did. It gives you a chance to hit a guy run and underneath. They decided to all out blitz and Capps got some different options. They do choose to play zero and he chose Crabtree and can whistle without their children and then

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    m not gonna go for intermediate psyche so today. to no big changes to comment on congratulations fantastic right today. Capps closed the gap on Busch shop for the points jerseys tomorrow perhaps mark Cavendish will be wearing his favorite color.