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5.18: SFG/SAN Postgame: Matt Downs with Kruk and Kuip


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Wed, 19 May 2010|

GIANTS 7, SAN DIEGO 6, FINAL/12 Matt Downs had three hits including a huge two-run double in the 12th inning.


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We've got Matt downs on the field and Matt congratulations. Just an exceptional ballgame especially for you do. You your hope for two with a walk a couple of strikeouts. In your last three at bats fugitives both the -- what's gonna. I had not struck him -- beyond me. How many did he struck out there at your first three events it's pretty embarrassing them from bad days -- -- contract and how well he was spectacular by the last week you can hit the ball real hard -- -- does have a cut it to the show works so -- What is Heather Beers -- And the -- -- this -- you about trying to state cases. Steve Fossett would youth activities and so Richard that's the great. You know off of -- deceptive go to the plate you know square balls up and everybody keeps them is that where you're at this port city you know you try to make the adjustment here and little just that their next thing you know. You put yourself -- a little -- fault because they're trying to make something happen. When you're you're fine you know almost found the whole time I felt like it but. You know when it hits us from doing what Vivian but there and then I found myself. Last couple days not on the ball thought just went back throughout doing earlier when I got called up in worked eleven -- was -- talked about about the 07 start insisting. Follow him every season isn't it everybody's minds in our bodies. Talk about the paper's reporters are but also knowing what to -- elect until they don't and you know just you know updates who had -- -- you don't. We had to -- one at least sometime or another so tonight was not we've battled through week. No fell behind the bill would battle back. It's good time to get to Phoenix where you -- out of here that job.

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  4. unit with ten new starters over last season is now a top ten defense. This unit can. It makes everything difficult from first downs just two points not that now they're taking the ball away and it really seems like this defense has taken on the personality

  5. throughout but I think we as strategically you know with the the coaches you know hey if we run the ball. You pick up some first downs and keep the clock running. And I felt that I think I believe this astute strategy to us in attended today we want. Pretty

  6. just about anything. Running or passing Carnoustie in the field extremely well. Use his legs on third down. To pick up first downs that was. I was a great great momentum boost for for our club kept drives alive. Mr. your performance. Offense defense

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  10. yards and those types of runs do not set up manageable third downs because you're not getting. Three four sometimes five yards ..... hold the lead you run consistently you keep churning out first downs and you get points no matter what whether it's three or seven

  11. balance. Colin ran the to read option return for the 49ers for the first time this season. He also convert some big third downs with his arm in Frank Gore had two rushing touchdowns. Also had 29 yard reception. His biggest pass since the 2010 season

  12. know what the office is trying to get done howry and how we wanted them. Hang nails and It's. We're you know around and downs over the disease what is. It's a hard time. Yeah I'm football played again and again here regardless of your quarterback

  13. has in him and everybody appreciates him and how he's working to get better. Yeah I always thought that some in this up and downs at a level. Really that in the NFL. As a makes about four plays in the game because those were critical plays and you don

  14. forward from it. And does he play better against Pittsburgh and you know that's that's what we're looking for them. Again he he listen we get the young players especially at quarterback position you're gonna have some ups and downs and.

  15. coaches you know. With the bones and differences is offense was far from perfect the 49ers converted only 29% of their third downs and struggled to reach the end zone from within the red zone. We gotta convert the got birdie opportunities and some points

  16. sustained I think everyone is surprising is nine and a half minute. We knew that we gonna have to come out and and get some first downs put some points on the board a defense that played great all game long and I had been on the field quite a bit so. A long exactly

  17. yeah I mean that's how bad it got that's how little that this offense could deal and when you can't even. Generate first downs let alone score points you don't stand much of a chance there at all. How much was that pick the first throughout through

  18. was. What. Our. In the it was you know we just knew it wasn't. Can really say well there and it was going to be ups and downs not it was a it was a good challenge look at as challenging. Things we to to get better gotten popular for trick pony and not

  19. much more conservative a third of his passes are actually check downs to running backs or tight ends and he very rarely goes downfield ..... but as long as they tackle well and create unmanageable third downs they should be able to get off the field. On a regular basis

  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers have thrown for fewer yards. Then the 49ers one place Japanese has been good. He's been good on third downs he ranks third in the league among NFL quarterbacks in third down passing efficiency. I happening out now the lower numbers