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Gomes: 'I was hoping he was going to challenge me'



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Wed, 3 Oct 2012|

Jonny Gomes goes through his mindset against Matt Harrison, who he took deep for a home run in the A's 3-1 win.


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Jonny Gomes is standing. It's been a big night. About how much confidence every Natalie started seeing a lot so I do. We rallied around each other. And I know we just jacking -- doing all the -- it's -- you know win after celebration might last night. That's a very good point John because nobody thought you guys come back the way you did. But you said something very important something we've talked about it. The experiences. You've got something special about this wanted to -- right now what. -- -- -- -- I mean obviously. We can't define ourselves you know and it starts in spring training game together. If those games and gallery one play and I think we wanted to look lost the second -- in the cactus league. Kind of build a winning mentality. Found out on our players. You know very that we can have all voted you know the first few months but we -- now we got held you know young homers we got good defense and pitching. And so little their bullpen again. It was a big one and extend. To 321 take us through the at bat against Matt Harrison new. Let's just say you know that's success you never get more into. My start yesterday. Home you know -- see him. Going on the he knows what he's -- John Green inside after a lay up that changeup and you know there is a good pitch fastball or happen on them but we do it on. I was good pitch for you not think about the ball you hit off Jason Vargas in Seattle on the Jackie Robinson -- a three run shot fastball inside part of favorite jump on percentages anybody. It just the -- you have all fastballs inside. With a slider and changeup and it's tough for a left hander. -- fastball inside Filipino I. Given the outer half as much as good candidate to go out there three times we'll tip my hat flood. You know if you wanna come inside yeah I'm gonna let it loose. This night started out very lovely. Additional award ring and I talked about ray was another -- Q how important is it that this is an award voted. Our coaches staff what does this mean you. I've stopped doing special. Made no I don't have a lot of MVPs in the all star you know -- at my house but you know you have awards. You know voted you know from guys inside your clubhouse guy here around -- more than your family during the season. It's pretty special and down. -- we really rallied around each other and you know at the end of the day you got to be friends you know who you want on your on your side you know your best friend for the best play I'll take my best friend out there on. -- and I still have to go back to great fit -- you've made you've never played on the team that had the win. You've always played on teams that want to -- how much will that help you and your team going into tomorrow. 162. Game once -- into an improbable season how much of that help you guys. They are going to be special at Taylor -- the only people I hear you know sit in a while you know throw home field advantage but you know if you win not come until these guys you know that we would not come out so long you know it got out of Iraq and you know for coach can do it on the other -- for a professional. You know if we can get he had tenth man on our side -- in the. Can be special I think you'll have to -- out sellout expected Johnny congratulations on the award the home. I've got a brief jail not forget dad retired now they better do it right to his perfect game era from -- city brigade did a year. Is that about -- -- history better than got to go. Those knocked him.

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