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10.28: World Series Game 2 Postgame -- Matt Treanor


  1. Oakland's0:51
  2. San Francisco's0:46
  3. Boston0:06
Fri, 29 Oct 2010|

"No one is folding in this clubhouse..."


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It's what's it going to be good matchup. Feel like the homers and winning big but for Boston. And always going to be fullness of us as. Whereas the -- here. Yeah me mentally you know shoot it and mentally you know shoot. Gary is definitely a mentally and -- shoot it and I discussed much on them. You know them on the airplane a lot of an idea. I definitely know nobody's going to be put in his -- -- Number looking forward to getting back home and play in front of offense knowing that you activity it is. It is yeah. Absolutely I don't wanna be down 02 coming into San Francisco's -- so. That's why we use it as positive going into Oakland's.

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