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Leyland on Cabrera: 'He's playable'



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Thu, 3 Oct 2013|

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Jim just so. There's clarity. When it comes to Miguel. And the decision whether or not to play him. This is not a determination made solely between you and Miguel Cabrera I understand that Kevin ran the training staffs involved I think doctors. Are regularly console and I think Dave Dombrowski is involved this could could you sort that out though. -- As a salute -- I don't think I mean -- so he's playable he's not -- -- so long. Obviously the medical people's shoes -- and to the majors future. And you'll also play. And a he's handicap who will obviously. Although I think you better all of his last two days helped him a little bit. He saw governor full speed. And play your situation where. Every fear after -- for probably about before. Again though this is not as I understand it a determination that's made solely between you -- Cabrera for instance people. Of them oh well no we don't Aminu we've had our medical people everybody is just not a player where we don't play. All -- gave him a whole organization is involved and that's what -- call -- you know obviously. We've been playing. Penny has been injured believe me you know -- people know all those stories -- But mil if there was area we don't rule book the medical people we're. We're a bigger we're. In all we talked to me you know uses treatment we talked to the doctors and he's playable roll call but you just go be willing to live with defectors are gonna run very well. That pretty much sums and a. Jim have you guys made a final determination on the roster for the series we have. And can you say whether pearl told the on. -- a crucial will the Matt Tuiasosopo is not arm on John Peralta is on. Off Olerud as long. And for us is gone. -- just as a quick follow. You know with the -- the a's rotation lines -- how do you anticipate using for altered his -- or how do you anticipate using pearl. -- -- Well. -- use. You know some statistical analysis. Some gut feeling. You know combination of those things. -- Andy -- will start in left field tomorrow night. Wrong. Soul. Will display of lawyer and you know each game. Basically what you do is like every other manager you put up a -- through your fingers you best chance to win that particular game. Oh. I will play -- tomorrow. It. -- -- YouTube -- sort of the crowd here last year in what what that did for for the -- and what do you make of them adding 121000 seats for this series and also some of the problems this this ballpark has had this year. That's sort of had to add to the whole thing. Well no one commissioner Russ -- I think no one. I'm really impressed I was impressed with -- last year or even more impressed with -- this year for the simple reason -- -- last year they kind of snuck up on Texas. And they kind of -- there at the end and it was just so wonderful wonderful -- This year they have to live with some expectations just as we did and they met those expectations. And there should be very proud of what they've accomplished so there's quite an accomplishment. -- here and there was Texas -- of course you Angels who were -- tears -- certainly have a down year but really impressed with him -- -- I guess that means it's just have a little bit louder. This is obviously very low. Energetic stadium. And you know the only thing you do well when you come to a place like this is you'd you try to live on. On that energy but the opposing teams fans provide. Thrive on move on I mean that's. I think that's a big -- enjoy it. I mean I'm gonna enjoy seeing him. I love -- Detroit was too late adulthood. I like -- element the Oakland a's are way you know Joseph tells -- their fans are screaming. You know the acoustics true tough three -- rule out. Here at all salad bars was music but. This is a little bit allows. So it does -- -- here -- I got I don't hear that well what. It's. -- -- it's a great atmosphere really is there's no question about it that they're really into it and and they should be probably a team and into what they're here through playoffs and you're all I enjoy this experience and I think that's -- just your -- should do thrive on that.

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