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  1. knot it up again. Logan with a double. Dennis and here but I think he should be no output up Kenny Phil when he goes to John Brantley number one out. earth went out. And able to add that could be caught in between 38. play it out and now after he had Johnny

  2. your walk up music I don't even know you know you that song is but what if immediately and it. take it it's yeah it's Brantley Gilbert he's. Yes. Country George. Status album it. those songs all along. No particular reason just like it. Incidentally

  3. type of fire. steroids and you're ready. Well pros so. I mean don't place and you're ready when called upon you know Brantley will be enough to finish. I'm down. By saw me so long. And they have all Al all out team night and yes to big time if

  4. 125 - Ralph and Stevie and


    Sat, 23 Apr 2011

    It's hot eight And hot out. It popped up and they've and not not exactly now. Top nine Dallas Drake and eighth and Brantley and he hits it nice and quiet and one out. That I. I am addicts and you know why Away next to at. And Steve click and he

  5. on the prize later in the year and only time that things come down and check what it's like got here. Through two rounds Brantley stands at two under par with Miller once shot back at that. Each could benefit from picking up a few more stroke Saturday

  6. Dishin' with DeRosa


    Mon, 12 Apr 2010

    crowd you know I always just tagging along trying to play my brother's friends and get involved in their games and stuff and Brantley and help me advance a little bit more playing with the but to be honest these. A block away. I always I tell my wife now

  7. 12.27: Frank Gore on Postgame Live


    Mon, 28 Dec 2009

    well no you assumed and you know and know that in Iraq a fill them all around. Back to back home to another whole life is Brantley in Miami I don't know if doesn't must first confident in my hand to you have your ideas you know. Have down there and

  8. 7.12: Tour de France- stage 9 report


    Sun, 12 Jul 2009

    matter so. We're just. Showed our strength and I think. Everybody realized that you know was gonna work yesterday so we Brantley most team back together. longer can avoid the responsibility of the yellow Jersey no longer they can rest and recon. Their